Rikkeisoft enters the US market to realise the “Go Global” strategy

Thursday, Feb 02, 2023 11:58

Rikkeisoft's leaders announced the establishment of RKTech in the US and appointed Bui Hoang Tung as their Senior Executive Vice President of Rikkeisoft Corp. and CEO of RKTech Corp. — Photo courtesy of the firm

Rikkeisoft on Tuesday officially announced the establishment of its subsidiary company - RKTech in the US, acting as a bridge coping with timezone and communication challenges between US businesses and Viet Nam-based production teams.

Located in Plano, Texas - a technology hub in the US, RKTech could help US companies easily access Southeast Asian IT services as an alternative to ones from other outsourcing countries such as India and Argentina.

RKTech will develop and deliver high-value IT services to the US market. This is also an opportunity for the corporation to access global cooperation, helping them achieve their goal of becoming a billion-dollar company in the next five years.

RKTech also appointed Bui Hoang Tung as their Senior Executive Vice President of Rikkeisoft Corp. and CEO of RKTech Corp. Tung was one of the pioneers in spearheading the globalisation strategy, directing the expansion of Viet Nam IT to the Japan, Singapore, and the US market.

In times of economic uncertainty, there is an increase in demand for outsourcing engineers in the US. According to Computer Economics, among organisations that outsource technology, 34 per cent are increasing the percentage of work outsourced over the previous year, 43 per cent of organisations plan on changing the extent of their IT outsourcing activities, which indicates the prevalence of the software outsourcing industry.

Viet Nam, like some other Southeast Asian countries, has long emerged as an outsourcing hub for developed economies, listed in the top five locations for outsourcing, according to Gartner. The Southeast-Asian country is considered a top destination for software services with many trusted vendors, thanks to its extensive talent pool, stable socio-economic environment, and low labour costs. Compared with IT specialists in other regions, Asian engineers are valued for their teamwork, eagerness to learn, and problem-solving skills.

According to Ta Son Tung, Chairman of Rikkeisoft, Southeast Asian engineers are competent to provide a wide range of services, from essential IT demands such as system maintenance to high technology solutions AI or Cloud development. As businesses are looking to improve their system efficiency, migrate to the cloud, and adopt machine learning as potential ways to cope with current market uncertainty, Southeast Asia can provide a reliable technical force for cost-effective IT implementation.

Established in 2012, Rikkeisoft is a leading provider of technology resources and services for the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. For over the past 10 years, they have been helping businesses and technology partners modernise processes, create lasting software and accelerate digital transformation. — VNS

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