Promoting blockchain applications is crucial in education: experts

Monday, Oct 30, 2023 21:48

Hoàng Văn Huây, former deputy minister of Science and Technology and chairman of the VBA delivers a speech at the forum. — VNS Photo

Hoàng Văn Huây, former deputy minister of Science and Technology and chairman of the Vietnam Blockchain Association, emphasised the importance of promoting blockchain applications in universities and educational institutes.

Chairman Huây made the remarks at a conference on "Promoting Innovation and Risk Management in Blockchain Applications" organised by the Vietnam Blockchain Association (VBA) aimed at facilitating the adoption of blockchain technology and promoting blockchain education in universities and educational institutions.

The event took place as part of the Vietnam International Innovation Exhibition (VIIE) 2023, hosted by the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) at the National Innovation Centre (NIC) in Hòa Lạc High-tech Park, 30km from Hà Nội on Monday.

Huây stated that the implementation of blockchain technology has proven beneficial and has yielded significant results in fostering innovation and supporting the fourth industrial revolution. He also highlighted the significance of blockchain education in bringing about a comprehensive shift in perception, contributing to Việt Nam's economic growth and rapid integration with the global economy.

Moreover, the conference also emphasised the importance of risk management in blockchain applications. It was stressed that state agencies, businesses, and individuals should take risk management seriously to ensure that the benefits of blockchain technology are realised while mitigating potential risks. By considering risks associated with investment and operating costs, stakeholders can ensure that the adoption of blockchain technology is worthwhile.

The conference aimed to promote the adoption of blockchain technology in various sectors while emphasising the importance of education and risk management to maximise its benefits and minimise associated risks.

At the conference, experts also discussed the role of blockchain in innovation, including both centralised and decentralised exchanges and applications. Additionally, the conference might have addressed the importance of regulatory technology (Regtech) in ensuring legal compliance for blockchain businesses.

Regarding educational content, the speakers highlighted the necessity of providing comprehensive training in blockchain technology. They discussed different training models and emphasised the quality of textbooks and teaching methodologies.

Another important aspect might have been the establishment of strong connections between schools, training facilities, and businesses to ensure that students receive high-quality training and improved employment prospects after completing their studies.

To further promote the blockchain application and training process, the VBA took a significant step by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with various organisations. These organisations include the Anti-Counterfeit Foundation (AFC), Institute of Information and Communications Technology - Academy Military Engineering, Hub Network, Medoo Online Learning Platform, VietCan StartUp Foundation, and Edutek Learning Platform. By joining forces through the MOUs, these organisations aim to create synergies, share resources, and collectively drive the adoption of blockchain technology in Việt Nam.

The conference and the subsequent partnerships demonstrate a commitment to advancing blockchain technology, addressing educational needs, and driving innovation in Việt Nam's blockchain industry.

Việt Nam has made progress in innovation and has risen in the Global Innovation Index (GII) rankings. Being ranked 46th out of 132 countries in the GII 2023 report indicates that Việt Nam is making significant strides in fostering innovation. It's also noteworthy that Việt Nam is recognised as one of the seven middle-income countries that have shown the most progress in innovation over the past decade. This demonstrates the country's commitment to promoting socio-economic development through science and technology.

The Việt Nam Government's focus on modern technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and big data aligns with the priorities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Decision 2117/QD-TTg, issued by the Prime Minister on 16 December 2020, highlights the importance of research, development, and application of these technologies. — VNS

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