Phenikaa Group announces new LED lighting technology

Tuesday, Apr 12, 2022 16:14

The operational electronics smart factory of Phenikaa Group in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park. — Photo courtesy of the group

Phenikaa Group has announced the application of its latest LED lighting technology, following its development of core technologies in the 4.0 Industry.

"Phenikaa Natural TrueCircadian LED Lighting" enables the creation of world-class light sources with the closest light spectrum to natural sunlight while enhancing and optimising biological spectrum regions for human eye absorption, the group said in a statement.

It was researched and developed by the Phenikaa Group's team of scientists, engineers, and lighting experts using a Human-centric lighting approach, representing a significant step forward in today's LED lighting industry.

Up to now, Phenikaa is the country's first manufacturer to provide indications in connection with light source quality and LED standards for human health. Known as CRI, R9, and M/P, they promise to usher in an era of high-quality, natural and balanced light for human health.

As a leading technology-industrial corporation in the field of smart devices, solutions, and smart production systems, the Phenikaa Group has always made significant and long-term investments in research and development to develop core technologies then master and apply them in production to create high-quality, cutting-edge technology that meets critical social needs and competes effectively in domestic and international markets.

Besides developing new LED lighting technology, Phenikaa Group has also put its electronics smart factory into operation in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, a smart factory equipped with European and Japanese technology.

The factory was invested systematically in research, development, testing, and inspection of intelligent production systems, including chip packaging and production of optical materials and chip packaging, to manufacture electronic circuits, smart robots, smart electronic devices, and smart lighting devices for human health. — VNS

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