New virus attacks Vietnamese facebookers

Thursday, Dec 21, 2017 10:00

Vietnamese facebookers are being attacked by a new virus through the messenger app. — Photo

Facebook Messenger is reported to be under attack in recent days by a new virus.

The virus uses a name in the victim’s friend list to send a compressed file on the social media site. The file, named “video _” with four random numbers, such as “”, has been sent via the messenger app to users in Viet Nam.

Such notifications are used to spread the virus, and when the user clicks on the link they will be directed to a site where the virus could be downloaded onto their computer.

According to Vu Ngoc Son, internet security expert from Bkav Technology Group Viet Nam, the new virus was only spreading through the Google Chrome browser.

The purpose of the malicious software was to take control of the target computer and mine virtual currency. The users’ computer would slow down significantly, making it almost impossible to use, he said.

The biggest danger of this new virus was that hackers could use the victim’s friend list to continue to spread.

The expert also recommended that Facebook users should immediately change the password for their account if they have opened the attached file.

In order to avoid becoming a victim, users should be careful when receiving files via messenger and should confirm with the sender if the file is genuine.

Bkav has updated a sample to identify this malware, called W32.FBCoinMail.Worm. Users can download the latest Bkav software for virus removal. — VNS

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