Network operators encroach on camera market

Monday, Nov 21, 2022 10:44

VNPT's booth with IP camera equipment participated in an exhibition.— Photo

The rate of camera usage per capita is still low in Viet Nam, therefore, the camera market still has potential for network operators.

A representative of MobiFone said that more than 90 per cent of cameras in Viet Nam originated from China and all have code in the software to synchronise with the server.

Therefore, for cameras, the possibility of revealing personal information to the outside is very high, unless all cameras are manufactured by companies in Viet Nam.

Nguyen Minh Duc, CEO of Cyradar, said that surveillance cameras were not only used in households, but smart cities also planned to install them.

It was time for State management agencies to set safety standards and organise evaluation and licensing for cameras circulating in the market, said Duc.

Sharing about this issue, Nguyen Tuan Anh, chairman of the board of directors of Lumi Viet Nam JSC, said that for Vietnamese brands, if they researched and invested in product development by themselves, then surely all were aimed at ensuring the safety and security of customers.

Nguyen Viet Bang, deputy general director of VNPT Technology, said that with the fact that there were more and more personal image leaks from surveillance cameras and the general technology knowledge of internet users was getting better and better, users tended to choose Made-in-Viet Nam security solutions products, from reputable suppliers.

Recently, MobiFone Global has also announced it will jump into the smart camera market. The company's representative said that the participation in the market was due to the need for security, the need for remote control, when the broadband internet connection infrastructure developed strongly, allowing the connection of high quality real-time video services.

MobiFone Global analysed that the camera penetration density was at a very low level in Viet Nam, about three cameras per 100 people, and most equipment was provided by foreign suppliers.

Thirty per cent of the current cameras are at risk of insecurity and data leakage. MobiFone currently has 2.6 million Home Accounts, which will be a set of potential customers to use its cameras as a product in the service ecosystem in the household.

A representative of Viettel High-Tech Corporation said that the company was currently in the process of testing camera products to bring to the market.

Viettel's products target the household market and smart traffic. — VNS

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