MoMo connects retailers with mini-app technology

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022 08:54

Retail businesses like food, coffee, milk tea, shopping, and fashion brands can take advantage of an ecosystem of tens of millions of users from a connected platform from MoMo.

The e-wallet, with 31 million users, has just organised a workshop with the theme "Mini App Trends: Increasing Interactions - Reaching Revenue Milestones" with the participation of representatives from about 100 enterprises as its partners.

As one of the pioneers in deploying the Mini App Platform from 2020, the e-wallet allows businesses to quickly and easily integrate their application into the MoMo super app platform where their customers can enjoy a seamless multi-service shopping and payment experience without having to download too many apps.

Mini App technology operates under an app-in-app mechanism, similar to the store-in-store model (stores inside a large store), to take advantage of a larger customer base.

Through compact applications integrated on the MoMo platform, businesses can instantly connect to MoMo's multi-service and utility ecosystem with tens of millions of users.

Simultaneously, MoMo's AI and Big Data technology helps partners understand customers' needs, so they can design incentive programs and create engaging interactions aimed at specific customer segments.

MoMo highlighted the diversity of payment sources and financial support solutions that help many people use the service and manage it.

It is estimated that businesses can save more than 75 per cent of costs when using the Mini App platform compared to building and developing applications and databases.

After more than two years of implementation, MoMo has developed nearly 30 Mini Apps for partners, mainly in food and beverage, shopping, convenience stores, transportation services, and healthcare, including for Highlands Coffee, 7-Eleven Vietnam, and the Coffee House.

By 2023, MoMo is expected to have 100 built-in Mini Apps and integrated platforms focusing on businesses in the F&B, retail, and small and medium enterprises.

Nguyen Ba Diep, Co-Founder of MoMo Wallet, said: “As a leading technology company in Vietnam, MoMo has always been a pioneer in applying technology to change Vietnamese better. The Mini App platform not only helps businesses accelerate digital transformation, but MoMo also hopes to enhance and personalise the shopping and payment experience, meeting the diverse needs of Vietnamese people. Thereby strengthening the connection between MoMo, brands and users.” — VNS

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