MIC tackles spam messages

Monday, Aug 26, 2019 08:37

The system reflects spam messages and receives advertising messages is built and operated by MIC. — Photo anninhthudo.vn

All organisations and individuals will have the right to refuse spam calls and messages to their phone numbers if a new draft decree is passed.

The draft decree on combating spam messages, spam emails, spam calls and regulations on advertising has been issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC).

The draft specifies measures to tackle the issue, including building and implementing spam prevention systems; monitoring and sharing information on sources of spam messages; and monitoring the activities of advertising services.

Some other solutions include preventing and revoking electronic addresses to distribute spam messages, strengthening domestic and international co-ordination and raising awareness on spam message prevention.

Per the draft, advertisers will also have to send a copy of each text message they send out to prospective customers to a system overseen by the MIC. This will allow the ministry to monitor firms sending out spam.

Users can also forward spam messages to this system.

Firms providing email services and providing internet services will have to comply with the MIC’s requirements on the prevention and handling of spam email.

The draft Decree also regulates that no organisation, business or individual can send advertising messages or calling ads to the phone number of a person or body that has opted out. — VNS

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