Kaspersky launches solution for family devices

Friday, Feb 25, 2022 12:26

Kaspersky has launched Kaspersky Total Security with a wide range of features to protect the family's PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad devices. — Photo courtesy of Kaspersky

Global cybersecurity firm Kaspersky has launched a versatile solution for families for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

Kaspersky Total Security possess a wide range of features such as family security (prevents unauthorized access from the webcam on users' PC and Mac devices, protects their data when connecting to unsecured and public Wi-Fi networks, and others),

According to Kaspersky's recent report "Mapping a digitally secure path for the future of payment in Asia-Pacific," up to 81 per cent of Vietnamese used digital payment methods for transactions on e-commerce platforms.

While it is encouraging that about 80 per cent of users have developed a sense of awareness when it comes to protecting themselves with online transactions, 6 per cent of respondents were uncertain how antivirus software could help them mitigate the risk of financial loss.

More alarmingly, 14 per cent felt that antivirus was not an essential tool in the fight against cyber threats seeking to compromise one's financial data and property.

Yeo Siang Tiong, general manager for Southeast Asia at Kaspersky, said, "Scams targeting digital payment users are becoming more and more sophisticated. Many users are tricked into losing sums of money.

"To ensure the safety of online transactions, users must be aware of the latest cybercrimes and take more robust protection measures for their devices so that they can secure themselves and their families against cyberthreats.

Vo Duong Tu Diem, territory manager for Viet Nam at Kaspersky, said: "Along with the trend of digital transformation is the concern of cyber-attacks in the new normal, as well as protecting personal data and finance."

"That is the motivation for Kaspersky to research and launch the Kaspersky Total Security solution constantly. With the most advanced features, this product is the proactive and comprehensive solution for all family members against attacks that can occur at any time in the digital environment." — VNS

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