HDBank Petrolimex 4-in-1 super card offers instant online issuance

Thursday, Oct 13, 2022 18:52

HDBank - Petrolimex 4-in-1 super card offers many privileges. — Photo courtesy of HDBank

HDBank is accepting credit card applications online and issuing the cards within a few minutes with unlimited cashback on offer.

Customers can now obtain an HDBank Petrolimex4-in-1 super card on the lender’s website.

In less than 20 minutes they will be granted a virtual card they can use to make payments instead of having to wait for five to seven days to get the card under the normal card issuance process.

The bank has tied up with Petrolimex Group to launch the HDBank Petrolimex 4-in-1 co-branded super card.

It integrates credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and Petrolimex loyalty accounts (Petrolimex ID) in one place, the first of its kind in Viet Nam.

Customers can open an HDBank Petrolimex 4-in-1 super card online easily with just an Internet-connected device.

Currently, when people leave home, they have to carry in their wallet all kinds of cards and cash. But with the HDBank Petrolimex 4-in-1 super card, they can make whatever payments they want with one single compact card.

Customers can utilise the card as a credit card to buy first and pay later during the interest-free period of 45 days or make instalment purchases at zero interest.

They can receive their salary and money transferred by others, or themselves make money transfers by using the debit card feature of the card.

They also earn points and get 0.7 per cent cashback when spending at Petrolimex petrol stations (0.2 per cent cashback from HDBank and 0.5 per cent converted via Petrolimex ID).

Using the prepaid card feature, they can easily make payments online 24/7 and can convert to foreign currencies when abroad.

Cashless payment, unlimited cashback

HDBank Petrolimex 4-in-1 super cardIt integrates credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and Petrolimex loyalty accounts (Petrolimex ID) in one place. — Photo courtesy of HDBank

In addition to providing many features in the same card to offer greater convenience to customers, HDBank Petrolimex 4-in-1 cards also offer unlimited cashback for daily spending, including 0.2 per cent for domestic transactions and 0.3 per cent for spending abroad.

Cardholders can enjoy special offers of up to 40 per cent from popular brands in dining, shopping, tourism, and many others.

After using it for a period, many users have described HDBank Petrolimex 4-in-1 super card as a "national card" for its "all in one" factor that features four utilities in the same card and allows fast and easy use of the credit card online and cashless payments, which meet customers’ priorities in this era of speed and convenience.

More information about HDBank Petrolimex 4-in-1 card is available at https://hdbank.com.vn/s/3Hqv1VJ. — VNS

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