Google rolls out digital advertising solution for small businesses in Asia-Pacific

Friday, Nov 09, 2018 19:02

Google’s Smart Campaigns is designed for small businesses looking to get started with online advertising. — VNS Photo

Google has launched a new advertising tool, Smart Campaigns, for small businesses across the Asia Pacific, including Viet Nam, looking to get started with online advertising.

According to the tech giant, it uses machine learning to make advertising radically simpler, save businesses time by enabling them to set up a campaign in a matter of minutes and drive clear results like calls and actions on their website and visits to their stores.

Smart campaigns take the innovation and technology of Google Ads and tailor the experience for simplicity to help small businesses succeed without needing to be advertising experts, it said.

Businesses need to just choose their goals such as making the phone ring or driving sales to their website or visits to a store, and machine learning goes to work to deliver results, it said.

According to the Asian Development Bank, 98 per cent of businesses in Asia are small or medium-sized, and according to APEC, these contribute up to 50 per cent of the GDP of its economies while the internet already plays a vital role in connecting businesses and customers and delivering a good customer experience.

Many businesses realise the potential of digital advertising, but are not sure what to do to get started. — VNS

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