Firms race to turn AI to their advantage

Friday, Apr 21, 2023 08:33

Distinguished guests discuss AI's impact on the job market at the workshop. — VNS Photo Le Viet Dung

Viet Nam is one of the two countries in Southeast Asia that have made it into the world's top 30 for AI research, according to Vo Xuan Hoai, deputy director of the National Innovation Center (NIC).

The deputy director made the remarks at the workshop "The future of generative AI" yesterday.

He said Viet Nam had adopted a practical approach to the development of AI and was advancing ahead of the curve. According to Thundermark Capital, the country has secured the 26th position globally with a research score of 5.

His centre, a public agency tasked with innovation promotion, has been actively supporting knowledge-sharing activities in the field and developing policies to encourage firms to embrace innovative ideas.

"NIC is cooperating with eight innovative networks across 20 countries. Notably, the network in Silicon Valley has a vast pool of talents", said Hoai.

Nguyen Xuan Phong, director of FPT AI, remarked that AI had permeated every aspect of society at breakneck speed.

He said ChatGPT-4, released on March 14, is the most advanced system in the ChatGPT family to date with safer and more useful responses. The system is so intelligent that it has passed various tests including SAT Math and GRE Writing.

Many big companies are rushing to adopt ChatGPT-4 to keep ahead of the game. For example, Stripe leverages the system to streamline the user experience and combat fraud, whereas Be My Eyes uses it to transform visual accessibility.

Some others are crafting their own AI models to set themselves apart from competitors. Bloomberg, for instance, has released a large language model for finance that would help users to build their own financial adviser.

The emergence of those domain-specific AI models would deal a heavy blow to the job market. Demographically, people with Bachelor's degrees would be the most hard-hit group, and those working as database administrators, graphic designers, and cost estimators are the most exposed to AI replacement.

"AI is like a roller coaster ride that gives people scare and excitement at the same time," said Phong.

He also said he is optimistic about the future of AI and his goal is to create an AI that would become a friend to humans.

Nguyen Thanh Tung, technological manager at MISA, revealed that his company had incorporated ChatGPT into its operations.

Regarding marketing, the company deploys ChatGPT to personalise marketing emails to each specific customer. A ChatGPT-generated chatbot is also used to improve customer experience and replace human assistants.

In spite of its omnipotence, ChatGPT, he believed, would not displace human employees across the board in the short term because the system has yet to develop full-fledged. He urged young graduates to keep well-informed about AI to turn the technology to their advantage.

Dev Nadgir, CTO and expert at AI Microsoft, said OpenAI's platform is a game-changer for businesses and developers, delivering unparalleled productivity, seamless collaboration, and super creative experiences for end-users.

With its unique capabilities, it's the go-to platform for companies looking to accelerate their go-to-market strategies and redefines industries with cutting-edge AI technology. — VNS

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