CDNetworks expands investment in Việt Nam

Thursday, Oct 19, 2023 16:00

Phan Việt Linh, Country Director of CDNetworks Vietnam. — VNS Photo Thanh Hải

CDNetworks, the APAC content delivery network, has released its regional blueprint highlighting plans to expand its presence in Việt Nam.

CDNetworks believes its recent investment in infrastructure and its local support team will bolster its wide-ranging services and also facilitate the digital transformation of Vietnamese companies.

Phan Việt Linh, Country Director of CDNetworks Vietnam, said that to date, CDNetworks has strategically established multiple Points of Presence (PoPs) across Việt Nam, including key locations such as HCM City and Hà Nội. Moreover, by partnering with four out of the top five ISPs in Việt Nam, CDNetworks can ensure 100 per cent coverage of the local network, effectively meeting the unique needs of various industries, and guaranteeing an exceptional user experience throughout the country.

Building on this strong foundation, CDNetworks has formed collaborations with esteemed local entities, including ON VTVCab, VSTV K+, and Tera Group. These partnerships underscore CDNetworks’ dedication to delivering impeccable live streaming and high-quality viewing experiences to audiences across Việt Nam.

As Việt Nam's cybersecurity landscape becomes increasingly challenging, CDNetworks has also taken steps to enhance the security of online businesses. This year alone, CDNetworks has opened two scrubbing centres in HCM City to bolster its ability to protect against DDoS attacks in the region.

With these centres located in close proximity to its markets, CDNetworks can swiftly and effectively mitigate DDoS attacks, ensuring the security and stability of its clients' websites and network infrastructures. These scrubbing centres also complement CDNetworks' existing global anti-DDoS network, which consists of over 20 scrubbing centres with a combined capacity of 15Tbps.

"At CDNetworks, we see our role as more than just service providers. We're here to support and amplify this digital momentum. By expanding our local infrastructure with additional Points of Presence (PoPs) and scrubbing centres, we are now able to assist Việt Nam's businesses in migrating their on-premises business operations to the cloud, thereby enhancing reliability and operational efficiency,” said Linh.

To empower the digital transformation of Vietnamese companies, CDNetworks has invested in physical infrastructure in the country since 2022 and has been able to provide unparalleled 24/7 customer service to all Vietnamese customers with localised expertise.

In addition, with the launch of CDNetworks WAAP solution, CDNetworks has also upgraded its security service for the Vietnamese market to protect organisations' web applications and APIs throughout the entire attack process. By utilising services such as Vulnerability Scanning Service and Penetration Testing before an attack, organisations can identify and address any potential vulnerability to better prepare for potential attacks.

In addition, the company is also making investments in resources to enhance its compliance system, ensuring that its solutions and services in the Vietnamese market adhere to local government regulations and guarantee that all traffic and data are strictly maintained within Việt Nam.

"From expanding our infrastructures to upgrading our local support and security services, CDNetworks is dedicated to empowering Việt Nam's digital growth. With a focus on expanded coverage, reliable content delivery, and robust cybersecurity measures, we aim to be a trusted partner for Vietnamese companies as they navigate the digital landscape," said Võ Luân, Senior Solution Architect, CDNetworks Vietnam. — VNS

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