92,000 spam subscriptions blocked

Saturday, Jul 31, 2021 07:44

Spam call. — Photo tapchitaichinh.vn

Vietnamese telecommunications businesses have prevented more than 92,000 subscriptions from spreading spam calls, and more than 35 million fake calls in the first six months of the year, said the Ministry of Information and Communications.

The number of complaints about spam calls on switchboard 5656 increased on average from 13-15 per cent per month.

The number of spam calls and affected subscribers decreased significantly compared to the end of last year.

Specifically, there were about 8.4 million spam calls last month (June), down 31.9 per cent compared to December last year.

There were 5.4 million subscribers affected by spam calls, down 23.5 per cent compared to December last year.

The Viet Nam Telecommunications Authority will direct network operators to regularly updating technical measures to prevent fake and spam calls, as well as coordinate with police agencies to detect and handle acts of phone-number forgery, to ensure safety, security and social order and protect consumer interests. — VNS

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