Sea villas project heats up resort market in Mui Ne

Wednesday, Dec 19, 2018 15:00

A villa in the NovaHills Resort & Villas project in Mui Ne - Phan Thiet.

Nguyen Truong Hai of Thu Duc District in HCM City has paid a deposit to buy a villa in NovaHills Mui Ne Resort and Villas, a new tourism property project developed by Novaland Group in Mui Ne - Phan Thiet.

He has had a dream of buying a villa near the sea for a long time. But it did not materialize until now because the cost had hitherto been too high.

Hai’s fears dissipated when Novaland launched the NovaHills Mui Ne Resort and Villas.

“People often think it will cost a million dollars to own a villa near the sea. Things have changed now,” he said.

He explained that in NovaHills Mui Ne Resort and Villas, a villa only costs from VND7 billion onwards.

“Thanks to flexible instalments, I have to pay only VND2 billion initially.

“I am very happy to become one of the first customers to win the right to own a villa in this project.”

Since its launch in the market a couple of week ago, NovaHills Mui Ne has heated up the tourism property market in Phan Thiet city and has been hailed as a product that will benefit investors.

Experts said with its prices starting at VND7.3 billion, NovaHills Mui Ne is the most popular project in the area.

Its popularity got a further boost with the developer offering many special promotions like low initial installment starting at VND2 billion, banking loan interest subsidy for 18 months until the handover and magnificent gifts like Iphone Xs Max and gold.

Low supply, high-quality accomodation

Bình Thuan Province, especially its Mui Ne - Phan Thiet, is expected to become one of the five coastal provinces and cities in Viet Nam to attract the largest number of visitors.

The province tourism department reported that last year Mui Ne - Phan thiet welcomed 5.1 million visitors.

In the first half of this year the number was 2.6 million, it said.

The total number this year is expected to be six million, the same as other major tourism cities like Nha Trang, Da Nang and Da La and double that of Phu Quoc.

While tourism demand is increasing sharply, local infrastructure is not adequate.

The supply of three- to five-star accommodation in Binh Thuan does not meet the demand and is much lower than in other places like Nha Trang and Da Nang.

Currently the province has only around 3,000 three- to five-star rooms. The comparable figures are 19,000 for Khanh Hoa, 6,000 for Quang Ninh and 17,500 for Da Nang.

NovaHills Mui Ne Resort & Villas will have 600 villas nestling in a hill and overlooking the sea and a range of amenities.

Mui Ne - Phan Thiet: ideal destination with upgraded infrastructure

Mui Ne - Phan Thiet is the only place in Southeast Asia to have sand hills near the sea. The hills look like small deserts, and make for a magnificent sight.

In addition to them, Mui Ne - Phan Thiet has over 50 attractions with unique cultural and historical features like Champa relics.

Being near the sea, Mui Ne - Phan Thiet, not surprisingly, has a lot of delicious seafood.

All these things make the place an ideal destination for adventure travel.

It is notable that good weather attracts visitors to Mui Ne - Phan Thiet all year round, bringing profits to people investing in the tourism property market.

To improve transportation to the city, many projects have been developed.

The Dau Giay - Phan Thiet Highway connecting HCM City and Phan Thiet will see work start in the third quarter of next year and finish in 36 months.

Besides, the Binh Thuan People’s Committee plans to speed up the process of building the Phan Thiet International Airport.

Information about all these infrastructure projects has created a buzz among people intending to invest in tourism property in the area.

Truong Hai said: “The good price is not the only reason I bought NovaHills Mui Ne. This property’s value will surely go up thanks to improved infrastructure including the new airport and highway.

“For these two reasons, I am absolutely confident about my decision to buy at NovaHills Mui Ne.”

NovaHills Mui Ne Resort and Villas is part of Novaland’s strategy to enter the tourism property market.

It comprises 600 villas nestling between the mountain and the sea.

The villas will be designed in Spanish architectural style and have many amenities like a multi-level swimming pool, flower hills and a large park, water sports club, shopping and food and beverage centre, and an observation tower.

The project also has the the longest ever swimming pool to be developed in Viet Nam.

The long swimming pool will become an attraction since it will be built in the hill-side villa area.

The pool will be 250m in length and bend like a river behind each villa.

A bridge will be built for pedestrians, not only connecting various parts of the project but also itself creating a unique feature.

The swimming pool and the bridge have been dubbed a magnet attracting customers to NovaHills Mui Ne, and will surely become a popular destination where everyone can enjoy the natural ambience.

Hung Cuong, an investor from HCM City said “I have never seen any tourism property project in Viet Nam designed in Spanish style. It is so beautiful and unique. After surveying the location on Mui Ne Bay and looking at the design, I and my wife decided to buy.”

The villas are between 250sq.m and 300sq.m in size.

Novaland said the new project would meet diverse demands from customers with a range of travel purposes like leisure and MICE.

Information about NovaHills Mui Ne Resort & Villas:

The show-room: 26 Mai Chi Tho, An Phu, District 2

Hotline: 0938 221 226


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