Phu My Hung launches special sales programme

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 09:30

Phu My Hung Development Corporation has launched a special new sales programme called “Privilege Programme” to thank customers on the occasion of its 27th anniversary.

The giant developer said the programme would be applicable to its new housing project, The Antonia, expected to be launched in the middle of this month and be valid until the end of this year.

Located on Nguyen Luong Bang Avenue of Southside District, The Antonia will be an unfold secret to elite’s creation

‘Privilege Programme’, a meaningful thanks

After nearly three decades of development, Phu My Hung City Centre, which was a marsh, has become the best urban area in HCM City with over 35,000 housing units occupied by nearly 80,000 people.

Of the people living and working in the Phu My Hung City Centre, many belong to the second or third generation of families living there.

The trust and belief of customers have strongly inspired the company and given it an energy boost to develop and design more products of international standards in Viet Nam.

“Privilege Programme” is its way of saying thanks to customers and residents who have been with it for years, Phu My Hung said.

The Antonia’s buyer will be get the “Privilege Programme”

Under the programme, customers buying a unit at The Antonia can select one of two promotion options: management fee waiver for two years or a discount 1 per cent on the house price (excluding land-use fees).

Some 80 per cent of customers buying housing in Phu My Hung City Centre live there or buy it as an investment for their children or relatives. The remaining 20 per cent buy for long-term leasing.

Seeing the demand, Phu My Hung Development Corporation made a careful assessment when designing the “Privilege Programme” sales programme so that all customers will benefited.

For example, people buying The Antonia for living purposes can opt for the 1 per cent discount. Those buying to lease could choose the management fee waiver for two years.

Phu My Hung City Centre enjoys one of the highest and most stable rentals zone in HCM City.

Experts attribute this to the high quality of the living environment there. This is also the reason why 50 per cent of its residents are foreigners hailing from 20 different countries and territories.

Demand for living here is expected to increase strongly in the coming time as many developers are currently building office buildings in the area.

At the moment over 10 grade A buildings are being built in the International Commercial and Financial District of the Phu My Hung City Centre. Many will open this year and so there will be huge numbers of people including foreigners coming to work and live here, pushing leasing demand.

This increasing demand will surely ensure people buy units in The Antonia to lease out.


Complying with the Government’s regulations in the fight against COVID-19, Phu My Hung Development Corporation announced online sales of The Antonia at

Before the pandemic, Phu My Hung’s website was for information online but now it has a new function: that of accepting bookings online.

Customers can book units in The Antonia after being advised from Phu My Hung staff about installment schedules and other information.

Online booking is the first step that Phu My Hung has carried out to modernise its selling process. The company said it would soon create an app to make it even more convenient for customers.

In another development, the Phu My Hung Development Corporation announced that its second transaction centre has opened in Ha Noi.

It has helped its better service.

Two show flats have been finished and are available for viewing.

The Antonia – a space for energy re-creation

Locating on an area of nearly 5,900sq.m, The Antonia has two 24-floor buildings with 366 units. About 76.5 per cent of them have two bedrooms (from 76sq.m to 89sq.m) while 21.8 per cent have three bedrooms (from 107sq.m to 115sq.m). There are six penthouses in sizes ranging from 268sq.m to 296sq.m.

The project will be situated on the busy Nguyen Luong Bang Road which connects five out of Phu My Hung City Centre’s eight districts.

The project is designed by a professional team of architects from several countries like Germany, Italy, Malaysia, and Viet Nam.

People can enjoy staycation- style living to recharge their energy after a day of hard work at The Antonia where is connected by a main concept called “secret garden”.


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