Marina-integrated real estate – where lifestyle creates property value

Saturday, Nov 27, 2021 08:00

Yachts have always had great emotional value, redolent of a luxurious lifestyle and ownership linked with highly accomplished people.

The Marina di Portofino, the most beautiful and luxurious marina in the Mediterranean Sea, the Porto Montenegro with its tall mountains casting shadows down on the beautiful cobalt sea and Monaco’s Port Hercules, where luxury events such as the Monaco Yacht Show and F1 Formula Race have always been a gathering place for billionaires, leaders and famous people around the world.

Whether day or night, these marinas are always bustling with sports and entertainment activities besides lavish malls and gorgeous restaurants.

Yachts – more than just a lifestyle

Despite the pandemic, the global yacht industry has been growing strongly. It was worth an estimated US$64.1 billion in 2020, and is expected to grow to $84.7 billion in 2027, a compounded annual growth rate of 4.1 per cent in 2020-2027.

Communities of elites have formed near marinas in many places such as the US, Italy, Monaco, France, and the Middle East. Real estate prices in these areas have also been shooting up over the years.

The global market for marina-integrated real estate has been strong for long now. – Photo courtesy of Novaland

In the Middle East, the rising demand for yachts from the wealthy class is stimulating a market for marina-integrated real estate like Reef Island and Durrat Marina with their high-class villas, five-star hotels, malls, medical facilities, yacht clubs, and world-class marinas.

Similarly, there are many rising stars in Asia such as the Sanya Serenity Marina, Clearwater Bay and Shimei Bay in China and Malaysia’s Melaka Gateway.

Aqua City’s expectations of setting a new lifestyle

In the general trend, Vietnamese elites are also seeking a new lifestyle with yachts.

Thuan Nguyen, chairman and CEO of yacht importers Vietyacht and Luxyacht, said the country’s infrastructure for yachts, especially marinas, is not developed enough, and this is limiting demand.

“However, Viet Nam has some huge advantages such as over 3,000 kilometres of beautiful coast and 2,360 rivers with 42,000km of waterways connecting provinces and cities.

Aqua Marina, a square and marina complex at Aqua City eco-smart township, will be a giant project when it opens at the end of 2021. – Photo courtesy of Novaland

“In the near future the infrastructure will be able to accommodate the yacht market. There are also many finished and under-construction marina projects, including the Sun Marina and Bim Marina in Ha Long City and Ana Marina in Nha Trang City besides several high-class properties with marinas in southern Viet Nam such as smart eco-city Aqua City’s Aqua Marina developed by Novaland Group.”

Aqua Marina is planned with a square for around 10,000 people, a marina with hundreds of mooring spots, quality amusement and shopping facilities such as a riverside opera house, the four-star Aqua City Resort by Fusion, the luxurious Aqua Yacht Club, and bustling shopping and food streets.

The project will satisfy the elites’ demand for a high-class lifestyle, making it an unmissable investment opportunity for perceptive and trend-savvy investors.

According to experts, the prices of waterside properties will keep rising if they are built around a yachting lifestyle since it offers consumers new and exciting experiences.

Situated 20 minutes from Long Thanh Airport and with over 60,000 residents (in addition to visitors from Bien Hoa City and HCM City), Aqua City is expected to become a new exciting attraction that draws in tourists eager to enjoy its wide variety of architecture and high-class yacht-integrated lifestyle. – VNS

In November customers taking Novaland’s experience tour at the Novaland Gallery (2Bis Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, D1) and Aqua City have a chance to win several prizes including vouchers worth VND200 million, Novaspecial Gift packages worth up to VND1 billion, preference shareholder benefits worth up to VND165 million, and a garden design and construction package (worth up to VND500 million).

Customers can register for the Aqua City tour at or by calling 0943797979.

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