Enjoying the Italian style of living at Aqua City

Wednesday, Dec 15, 2021 08:00

Riva Aquariva Super yacht docks at Aqua Marina station in Aqua City urban township.

Pietro Riva has been a famous Italian yacht brand since its launch in 1842 by Pietro Riva in the small beautiful town of Sarnico in northern Italy. The brand, right after being launched, became a symbol of luxury. For nearly two centuries, RIVA has been a “muse” in Hollywood in nearly 40 films in which famous celebrities can be seen on the stylish RIVA yacht sailing from Venice to Forte dei Marmi, from Lake Como to the Emerald Coast, or Lake Maggriore to Saint-Tropez.

Now, there is a new destination for RIVA yacht: Aqua Marina - a square and yacht station complex in Aqua City in the east of HCMC.

RIVA: An icon of ‘La Dolce Vita’ lifestyle

In the yacht industry, few brands stir as much interest as RIVA.

With the history of nearly 180 years together with skillful craftsmanship as well as fine materials, the brand has been an icon of the aesthetic Italian lifestyle.

The image of elegant gentlemen in elegant suits stepping on a luxury yacht and surfing on the waves in the magnificent blue sea, always makes us yearn for a sweet Italian lifestyle.

For years, RIVA yachts have been choices of famous celebrities and billionaires in the world, including Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Sean Connery, George Clooney, King Hussein of Jordan and Germany billionaire Gunter Sachs von Opel.

Two of the most famous RIVA-brand yachts are Riva Aquarama and Riva Aquariva. These yachts are considered symbols of Italian hand-crafted art.

Aquariva Super docks at Aqua Marina: trendy yacht lifestyle

Aqua Marina – the Square - Marina complex at Aqua City is expected not only to create a new lifestyle but also to be the leading destination in the region.

Products made by skilled craftspeople from luxury brands are always reserved for those who are worthy. Riva Aquariva Super is no exception. The yacht will dock at Aqua Marina, a classy yacht station in Aqua City.

Aqua City, which is an urban area in the east of HCMC, is being developed on a three-sided ecological area bordering the river. With a 32km stretch of river, Aqua City’s developer has paid attention to developing river-living experiences. For instance, Aqua Marina will be a leading entertainment place in the east of HCMC with Aqua Yacht Club and many other yacht stations will be developed in the entire Aqua City.

Aqua Marina will also be an ideal destination for visitors thanks to many amenities such as an Italian-architectural square, shopping areas or Aqua City Resort by Fusion. Together with the beauty of Dong Nai River, the marina will be a bustling entertainment space as well as a airy and fresh area for residents after a busy day.

Just like the RIVA yachts always moving on the waves in a special way, the rhythm of life at Aqua Marina echoes the emotional source of the river. Such emotions evoke the image of RIVA yachts gliding smoothly on the water of ancient Venice in the sunset or moored peacefully on Lake Como in Italy in the middle of a beautiful autumn afternoon. This image will be recreated in the ecological urban area of ​​Aqua City.

This December, when investing in real estate products in Aqua City, customers have the opportunity to receive a series of attractive incentives: Nova Special Gift of up to VND1 billion; Novaland shareholder incentives up to VND110 million; garden design and construction packages up to VND500 million; double discount with a total value of up to VND200 million when participating in the experience journey from Novaland Gallery to Aqua City.

To register, visit Aqua City and go to https://aquacity.com.vn/ Or call the hotline 0943797979


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