Zalo Shop not been licensed: Ministry

Friday, Jul 17, 2020 15:20

Zalo Shop platform. — Photo

Director of Viet Nam e-Commerce and Digital Economy Agency (iDEA) under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said that Zalo Shop has not registered with the ministry.

The Zalo application allows traders, organisations and individuals, who do not own the application, to conduct part or the whole of the process of buying and selling goods and services on it.

“Therefore, this is an e-commerce trading floor application as prescribed in Clause 4, Article 3, Circular 59/TT-BCT dated December 31, 2015 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade,” said the director.

The Zalo application construction, management and operation unit is responsible for registering this application with the Ministry of Industry and Trade according to Article 6 of the circular.

However, the application of Zalo e-commerce service had not been registered with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the director noted.

iDEA found that many sellers were abusing the Zalo e-commerce application to trade fake and goods of unknown origin.

iDEA had invited VNG Joint Stock Company three times to work on the e-commerce services via the Zalo application in July and August last year.

However, VNG did not co-operate with the agency to clarify the related violations.

Therefore, the agency issued an official dispatch to the Department of Cyber ​​Security and Crime Prevention using High Technology (A05) under the Ministry Public Security.

Therefore, iDEA recommends that people do not use applications which are not approved or certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade or the State Bank of Viet Nam.

People need to be cautious, thoroughly study procedures and conditions for borrowing and interest rates before borrowing to avoid risks. — VNS

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