Wind power survey project contracts signed

Friday, May 21, 2021 15:30

The signing was conducted virtually due to the recent COVID-19 development in Viet Nam. — Photo courtesy of Denmark Embassy to Viet Nam

The La Gan Wind Power Development Corporation has signed two contracts to carry out surveys for possible wind power projects in Viet Nam worth several million US dollars.

The developer of the 3.5 GW La Gan Offshore Wind Power Project owned by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, Asiapetro and Novasia on Wednesday signed two contracts with the Northern Centre for Planning and Investigation of Marine Resources and Environment (CPIM).

The La Gan Geophysical Survey Campaign Contract and the La Gan Geological Study Contract will cover major geological surveys and studies. The signing was conducted virtually due to COVID-19.

Geophysical surveys and studies are crucial steps for offshore wind power projects to understand the seabed condition and progress the development of ground models and foundation designs. CPIM will engage a Danish sub-contractor: the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), which is under the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities, to carry out the scope.

Under the La Gan Geophysical Survey Campaign contract, CPIM and GEUS will work closely together to collect seabed data and samples to determine bathymetry, seabed features and subsurface geology. As part of the La Gan Geological Study contract, CPIM and GEUS will assess the geological conditions, marine habitats and marine usage, which are key considerations in offshore wind farm development.

“Being one of the strong and long supporters for Viet Nam’s transformation to a green and sustainable energy sector, Denmark is looking forward to the approval of Viet Nam’s national Power Development Plan 8 (PDP 8) as it will set out a legal and solid foundation for the future development of the Vietnamese energy sector, including mobilisation of the necessary social economic and financial resources, both local and international.

"The signings today signify both the seriousness and willingness of the project in making big investments and getting financially and technically ready to move forward once they obtain the licence from the government.

"It is, therefore, a valid expectation that the project could be included in the PDP 8 as soon as possible, which will not only help create a good starting momentum for the sector but also contribute to the realisation of the Government’s vision on a sustainable and green energy sector,” said Ambassador of Denmark in Viet Nam, Kim Christensen.

Maya Malik, Chief Executive Officer of the La Gan Wind Power Development Corporation, said: ‘‘We are proud to support a collaboration between these highly competent Vietnamese and Danish government agencies, and be one of the first large scale offshore wind farms to sign contracts for offshore geological surveys.

"By awarding this scope to CPIM and GEUS, the La Gan Wind Power Development Corporation reaffirms our commitment to progress the project while supporting the local supply chain and facilitating knowledge transfer between international and local suppliers.

"As a responsible and experienced developer, the La Gan Wind Power Development Corporation will ensure that the survey activities are conducted to the highest safety, environmental and social standards.”

For the past two years, the La Gan Project has been working with both Vietnamese and Danish authorities to develop the project.

According to an economic impact study made by international experts from BVG Associates (World Bank consultants), the project will contribute more than US$4.4 billion to the Vietnamese economy.

The project is also expected to create over 45,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) local jobs in Viet Nam, where one FTE is one job for one year. Once fully installed, the project is predicted to power more than 7 million households and avoid 130 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. — VNS

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