Vietsovpetro opens new gas field

Friday, Dec 09, 2016 10:28

View from the BK-TNG gas rig of the successful perforation of TU-6 pit. Vietsovpetro had extracted gas and condensate gas from said pit, ready to transfer back shore — Photo

The Russia - Viet Nam oil and gas exploration joint venture, Vietsovpetro, announced completion of the initial drilling and perforation on their Thien Ung gas field on December 6, 2016.

Natural gas and gas condensate were extracted from Vietsovpetro’s TU-6 bore pit and Thien Ung gas field’s gas rig BK-TNG, ready to be transferred back.

The current capacity of the pit would amount to 540,000 cubic metres of gas and 200 tonnes of condensate gas per day.

Vietsovpetro would be making progress to implement the necessary technological solutions to bring the gas and condensate gas flows into their system, passing to the Bach Ho field and back shore in the near future.

The BK-TNG on Thien Ung gas field rig belongs to Lot 04-3, assigned by the government to a group of contractors including the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, Russia’s oil and gas group AO Zarubezhneft, with Vietsovpetro as the operator.

Thien Ung gas field was discovered in early 2009 through the test well TU-3X. The success in finding natural gas at this field, following previous completed projects in the region would open up new opportunities for growth for Vietsovpetro. — VNS

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