Vietnamese coffee and pepper increasingly popular in Australian market

Wednesday, Nov 03, 2021 18:45

A farmer harvests pepper. — Photo

Vietnamese coffee and pepper are becoming more popular globally, and especially in the Australian market.

Nguyen Phu Hoa, Deputy Consul General and Head of the Viet Nam Trade Commission in Australia, said that the country was not a large coffee producer, but was a large coffee market.

It is expected that Australia would consume an average of 2 kilos of coffee per person per year this year. This consumption level is lower compared to European countries, but still in the top 30 coffee consuming countries in the world.

Australians are also very strict in their choice of food and drink, their common preference is to drink European-flavoured coffee, so they import a lot of processed coffee from Europe.

However, young people in Australia have been keen to try new products in recent years, so coffee infused with other flavours has also begun to be consumed strongly in Australia.

Vietnamese coffee exports to Australia have increased sharply in the last two months, up 41 per cent in September compared to August.

The Australian Trade Commission also forecast that the demand for coffee and the improvement of supply from Viet Nam would rise from now until the end of the year, therefore, the consumption of coffee in this market would also grow.

Similar to coffee, Australia is not a pepper producer. The country is a large pepper import market annually with a growth rate of about 2.5 per cent per year.

Australia imports pepper from many countries around the world, mainly from Viet Nam, India, China, Italy, and Indonesia.

Viet Nam has become the largest pepper exporter to Australia with a proportion of 50-60 per cent. Notably, Vietnamese pepper has an increasingly large position in this market.

Vietnamese pepper export turnover to Australia reached 2,630 tonnes last year, up 30.47 per cent over the same period last year.

Pepper imports from Viet Nam to Australia also grew very strongly in the first seven months of the year.

Hoa forecast that pepper importers from Viet Nam to this market would continue to be promoted from now until the end of the year.

Especially, in the current trend, the import of agricultural products as well as goods from Viet Nam to Australia continues to increase.

The level of trust and prestige of Vietnamese goods in Australia was rising, this was a great opportunity for Viet Nam to boost coffee and pepper exports to this market, said Hoa.

In order to promote coffee and pepper exports to the Australian market, besides trade promotion activities in the form of online trade connection, promotion through consumer experience is also promoted by the agencies and recommended by experts.

Along with promoting products at fairs, Hoa said the trade commission was currently working with a number of large distribution systems, stores, and especially young people in Western Australia.

The trade commission hoped that they could co-ordinate to establish a Vietnamese coffee experience centre in the Western Australia region. With that, promotion will spread.

In addition, the promotion of coffee and pepper will be done through the Vietnamese business community in Australia so that coffee and pepper could enter the restaurant system of Vietnamese businesses in Australia. Besides, it is possible to promote the goods at community sports tournaments.

Although the market is considered to be very large, Australia is a very demanding market.

According to experts, with the impressive growth in the volume of goods and agricultural products exported to the Australian market, the country is becoming a potential market for Vietnamese businesses.

However, in order to expand export opportunities to the largest market in Oceania, businesses needed to grasp customer tastes, improve quality and build a solid brand name for products and goods, recommended experts. — VNS

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