Viet Nam – Russia prepare for future

Wednesday, Feb 27, 2019 10:00

The Viet Nam – Russia Conference, organised by the Valdai Discussion Club in partnership with the Diplomatic Academy from Viet Nam in HCM City on February 25-26, discussed future cooperation between the two countries. — VNS Photo Van Chau

Diplomats at the Viet Nam – Russia Conference organised by the Valdai Discussion Clubon Feb 26 agreed to closely coordinate the Viet Nam Year in Russia and its counterpart activity in Viet Nam in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

The conference, held on February 25 and 26 in HCM City, with the theme “Prospects for Viet Nam and Russia’s Relationship after 2019”, noted that their agreement marked the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Agreement on Basic Principles for Viet Nam-Russia Friendship.

The two parties are also preparing to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the bilateral diplomatic ties in 2020.

Attendees at the conference noted the impressive progress that has been made in Russia-Viet Nam cooperation in various fields, saying that 2019 promises to be an eventful year.

Practical cooperation between the two countries has developed in all fields, such as oil and gas, electricity, and defense and security. In the first 10 months of 2018, bilateral trade grew by 23 percent from a year earlier to US$4.8 billion.

To fully execute the agreement, both sides promised to address barriers to the import and export of goods, especially agro-fishery-forestry products, with the aim of raising two-way trade to US$10 billion by 2020.

Both sides agreed to step up large-scale projects in the fields of energy, industry, transport and agriculture, and to expand collaboration in information technology, digital technology and e-Government.

They affirmed their commitment to build a $350 million Nuclear Science and Technology Centre, while encouraging co-operation to develop urban transport infrastructure and railways in Viet Nam.

Both countries reached a consensus on the importance of security and defence cooperation, saying that they would renew collaboration in the fields of science-technology, culture, tourism, education-training and labour, as well as partnerships between their cities and provinces.

In the military sector, Col Le Trac Vuong of the Institute of International Relations at the Ministry of Defense, said that Viet Nam would always remember Russia’s great support for the country’s past struggle for national liberation and current nation building.

The Vietnamese leader hailed efforts made by the two defence ministries and Russian partners to implement the two countries’ priority tasks this year.

Both countries should focus on military technology and training co-operation as well as delegation exchanges to share experiences in the defence field, Vuong said.

Russia’s primary exports to Viet Nam include machinery and equipment, farm goods, fertilisers, chemicals, and iron and steel products, while Vietnamese exports to Russia include machinery and equipment, textiles and agricultural produce and materials.

Vietnamese investment in Russia totals $2.9 billion, while Russia’s investment in Viet Nam is $2 billion.

Russia has also assisted Viet Nam during times of natural disasters. When Storm Damrey hit the country’s central and southern regions in 2017, Russia sent 40 tonnes of goods and $5 million for relief. — VNS

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