TH Group imports 1,800 more dairy cows from US

Monday, Oct 15, 2018 14:35

Two of 1,800 pregnant cows imported from the US by TH Group are being transported to the company’s farm in the central province of Nghe An. — Photo TH Group

Vietnamese dairy firm TH True Milk (TH Group) on October 14 received nearly 1,800 dairy cows of 3 or 5-month pregnancy which were inseminated through embryo transfer from US’ high-yield dairy cow Holstein Friesian.

This is the largest herd of cows that TH has imported from the US so far. The group’s husbandry experts carefully examined standards related to origin, genealogy, genetic potential, appearance, physical strength, potential for milk production and ability to fight diseases in the tropical region.

All individuals in the herd weigh 400-500 kg and are expected to produce 12,000 litres per head each 305 days on average. Milk production from these cows will begin in January 2019.

According to Tal Cohen, General Director of the TH Milk Food Joint Stock Company - the management unit of the TH dairy cow farm, TH Group imported 1,300 dairy cows from the US in April 2017 for the first time. It also imported a great number of dairy cows from New Zealand.

All imported dairy cows were stocked and further propagated in Asia’s biggest high-tech concentrated dairy cow farm of TH in the central province of Nghe An.

With the new herd, TH Group’s milk production is hoped to increase, meeting the increasing demand of fresh milk in the domestic market, thus contributing to diversifying products processed from fresh milk in the country. — VNS

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