Seminar discusses cold-formed steel use in construction industry

Wednesday, May 12, 2021 13:29

A view of the tallest building in Viet Nam - Landmark 81. Many typical projects in Viet Nam use cold-formed steel such as the Landmark 81 or high-tech farms of CP Vietnam Livestock Company. — Photo

Construction businesses discussed opportunities and challenges in using cold-formed steel at a recent seminar in HCM City.

The event attracted hundreds of experts, construction businesses and more than 180,000 views on the Ton Colorbond Facebook page.

Cold-formed steel, also known as thin wall steel or cold forming steel, with a thickness of less than four millimetres, is cold-worked to increase its resistance and yield strain up to 30 per cent. Cold-formed steel is often used in construction, transportation, car manufacturing and household goods.

Prof. Dr Doan Dinh Kien, a former lecturer at the National University of Civil Engineering, said the advantages of cold-formed steel in construction included saving steel, reducing structural weight from 30 per cent to 50 per cent, industrialised manufacturing, easy to transport and install due to its lightweight and diverse nature in architecture and structure.

Former Deputy Director of HCMC Department of Construction Nguyen Van Hiep said that cold-formed steel is a time-saving solution for civil construction projects that requires fast construction progress, sharpness and sophistication in architecture.

“Cold-formed steel roofs can be shaped with many architectural designs, meeting requirements of architectural design and a good choice for projects with curved and complex structures,” said Hiep.

However, participants heard there are still several challenges for using cold-formed steel in Viet Nam as there are currently no standards for design calculation and acceptance for cold-formed steel in Viet Nam. Engineers and architects only rely on manufacturers’ product information for their designs.

Deputy Director of HSE NS BlueScope Vietnam Truong Anh Hai said cold-formed steel is 100 per cent recyclable and considered a sustainable material.

Many projects in Viet Nam have used cold-formed steel such as the tallest building in Viet Nam - Landmark 81 or the high-tech farms of CP Vietnam Livestock Company. — VNS

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