PM permits re-opening of sub-border gates with China

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 12:26


The Prime Minister has allowed the re-opening of sub-border gates and border crossings to resume trading activities between Viet Nam and China, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The permission has been issued according to the proposals from the ministry and people’s committees of Lang Son and Quang Ninh provinces on restoring those activities to get back to normal at border gates between the two countries.

They include Binh Nghi, Na Hinh, Na Nua, Po Nhung and Bac Phong Sinh sub-border gates and Ka Long border crossing.

Meanwhile, the PM has also allowed the people's committees of border provinces to actively resume operation of other sub-border gates and border check-points in those provinces based on the local situation and the Government’s existing regulations on management of land border gates and border trade activities.

The localities only re-open the sub-border gates that have large volume of goods at those gates, especially agricultural and aquatic products for export and imported raw materials for domestic production which are permitted to trade via the border gates by the local authorities of the two sides.

The PM has also requested those provinces to ensure control and prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic for people and vehicles engaged in import and export activities under the guidance of the Ministry of Health and other relevant State offices. — VNS

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