MoIT imposes temporary anti-dumping duties on Chinese products

Tuesday, Jun 04, 2019 09:15

The temporary anti-dumping duties will be imposed on some aluminum products originating from 17 Chinese producers. — Photo

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has announced temporary anti-dumping duties on aluminum products originating from 17 Chinese producers.

The products include alloy or non-alloy products produced in bars, rods and shapes that have been extruded, regardless of whether the surface is treated or if the products have been further processed in Viet Nam.

The products are used to make aluminum doors, wattle walls, storage cabinets and interior and exterior decorations, as well as construction. In addition, they are also used to make industrial machines and structures.

The lowest anti-dumping rate is 2.46 per cent while the highest is 35.58 per cent. The measures will take effect from June 5.

MoIT said it conducted a five-month investigation into aluminum imports from China according to regulations from the World Trade Organisation and Foreign Trade Management Law, as well as losses to domestic manufacturers.

The investigation found the local aluminium sector suffered seriously losses as Chinese aluminium products were being dumped on the market. Many domestic producers had been forced to halt production and a large number of labourers had lost their jobs.

At the end of 2018, Austdoor, Song Hong Aluminium, Tung Yang and MienHua, which hold a combined 31.54 per cent of domestic output, filed complaints.

The Law on Foreign Trade Management stipulates that the MoIT could apply anti-dumping duties retrospectively on imported products that caused possible significant losses or serious injury to the domestic industry.

The ministry said the temporary anti-dumping duties would help reduce pressure on local producers and prevent “hidden” goods flowing through Viet Nam.

The ministry would continue to work with relevant parties, reviewing figures and organising a public consultation. In addition, it would provide an overall assessment on the case to related parties including consumers. The investigation is expected to finish this year.

The ministry warned organisations and individuals to consider the possibility of anti-dumping duties when signing import, distribution and business contracts as well as using the investigated goods. Last year, the amount of imported aluminum extruded bars from China to Viet Nam reached 62,000 tonnes, double that of 2017.

The figure excluded a large amount of imports to processing zones. Imports from other countries fell to 5,000 tonnes in 2018. — VNS

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