HCM City hosts 1st Int’l workshop on MEMS and Sensor technology

Thursday, Sep 28, 2017 08:40

Prof Le Hoai Quoc, president of SHTP, inaugurates the International Workshop on MEMS (Micro – Electro – Mechanical – Systems) and Sensor Systems on September 27. — VNS Photo The Anh

The two-day International Workshop On Micro – Electro – Mechanical – Systems and Sensor Systems (IWMS) hosted by the Research Laboratories based in the Sai Gon Hi-tech Park opened on September 27.

IWMS was not only a forum for scientists and engineers engaged in research, development, manufacture and applications of MEMS and sensors but also a platform for political, economic, industrial and entrepreneurial leaders to contribute to the development of Viet Nam’s MEMS/IoT industry, Prof Le Hoai Quoc, president of the park and chairman of the event, said.

It provided an opportunity to review recent progresses in MEMS and sensor systems, he said.

“The workshop’s objectives correlate closely with the policy of HCM City, which is to foster participation and dialogue between various stakeholders including governments and scientific and academic communities, and share their knowledge, experience and mutual interests.”

It was also expected to provide an understanding into the viability and importance of creating an MEMS/sensor technology infrastructure for the creation of a critical commercialisation vehicle in Viet Nam, he said.

MEMS/IoT (Internet of Things) for creating a smart city is considered one of HCM City’s most important programmes.

The expanding scope of IoT requires delocalised, miniaturised energy sources and integratable silicon technologies with high reliability, Francesca Iacopi of the University of Technology Sydney said.

“We have pioneered a unique approach to obtaining supercapacitors from silicon using graphene electrolytes. This approach can pave the way towards miniaturised and reliable energy sources in SIP systems.”

Sung-Won Youn from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan) said: “Recently there has been increasing demand for low-cost nanofabrication techniques such as water-level nanoimprint lithography for high-variety middle-volume production of devices.”

Quoc said since the start SHTP has focused on hi-tech manufacturing including semi-conductors, bio-technology and nanotechnology.

SHTP Labs plays a leading role in MEMS technology and sensor systems in Viet Nam, he said.

“We hope you will find SHTP to be your future home.”

The co-organisers of the workshop include the Japan Society for Precision Engineering and Technical Committee for MEMS Commercialisation.

The workshop, which was also supported by Materion Advanced Chemicals Inc, includes a plenary session and technical sessions.

Attendees at the event include investors, corporate managers, technologists, academics/students and government officials from Viet Nam and countries such as Japan, South Korea and Australia. — VNS

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