Hai Phong customs proposes to ease specialised inspection

Friday, Jun 29, 2018 15:50

Hai Phong Customs Department requests ministries and agencies to apply the reduction of the inspection rate based on the conformity assessment of enterprises. — Photo baochinhphu.vn

Hai Phong Customs Department has proposed measures to ministries and departments to solve difficulties in the management and inspection of import and export goods.

The measures include the rule of applying risk management in specialised inspections, issuing the list of specialised management under the HS codes for harmonised implementation, expanding the designated specialised inspection and eliminating overlap in management and checking of the same item.

The department has also requested ministries and agencies to apply the reduction of the inspection rate based on the conformity assessment of enterprises as well as inform about the inspection results to enterprises and customs offices to actively look up and help reduce the clearance time.

The Hai Phong port area has many specialised inspection goods, but the detection of violations, mainlyadministrative violations, is poor. This is creating a barrier for the business community to reduce the time for customs clearance of import and export goods.

On the other hand, a commodity subject to the management of many agencies, ministries and department need a certificate of conformity together with the certification of import conditions.

In addition to this, the results of specialised inspection of ministries and agencies on the National Portal of Viet Nam is limited due to the lack of monitoring, subtracting the licence with the lot of imported goods many times and lack of the function to automatically inform about the inspection results of specialised agencies to customs offices.

Remarkably, the number of declarations subject to specialised inspection at Hai Phong Customs Department is high but the detection rate of violations is quite small and mainly related to administrative violations.

In the first quarter of 2018, the General Department of Viet Nam Customs reported that it had 32,896 declarations subject to specialised inspections (mostly imported goods); however, the specialised management agency found only 36 violations, equivalent to 0.1 per cent of the total declarations, with the main violation being delaying the submission of inspection results. — VNS

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