Fruit prices from Mekong Delta rise

Thursday, Oct 21, 2021 08:16

Limes were priced at VND2,000 per kilo during the social distancing period. — Photo courtesy

Jackfruits, longans and limes from Mekong Delta provinces now can fetch prices two to four times higher compared to months ago when travel restrictions between places were enforced.

Limes are now selling at VND7,000 to 8,000 per kilo at the garden, while the lowest price was only VND2,000 per kilo earlier when sales were slow.

Pham Minh Cuong, director of the Lime Consumption and Production Cooperative in Cao Lanh, Dong Thap Province, said that smooth transport has made it easier for trading, and major markets such as HCM City have attracted more goods than before.

Produce from 70 hectares of land from cooperative’s members are being offered for sale. Currently, about 500 to 700 kilos of limes are being transported to Southeastern provinces daily.

Gardeners usually harvest limes from February to April. After that, lime flowers naturally, so the price is also lower.

On average, about two to four tonnes of limes are produced from 1,000m2 of land, generating a profit of about VND40 million if the average selling price is about VND20,000 per kilo.

As the total area of limes in Dong Thap Province is more than 1,900 hectares, the average output is about 24,000 tonnes.

Another type of agricultural product with an increase in price is Thailand jackfruit, selling at up to VND30,000 per kilo for type 1 jackfruit, and VND19,000 for type 2.

The price is four times higher compared to four months ago.

Nguyen Van Phat, who has one hectare of Thailand jackfruit in Thap Muoi District in Dong Thap Province, was able to earn VND15 million after two rounds of selling.

“It is easier to sell as the price has increased," he said.

Similarly, Edor longans purchased at the garden have doubled in price, ranging from VND12,000 to 14,000 per kilo.

Nguyen Van Thuan from Chau Thanh District said that gardeners had been able to make a profit at these prices.

“In about a month, many longan gardens in Chau Thanh will be in the harvest season. Gardeners hope to earn enough to cover for losses during the social distancing period,” he added.

Dong Thap Province has about 5,500 hectares of longan gardens, with an output of about 53,000 tonnes. — VNS

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