Fight with e-commerce fraud to be increasingly fierce

Saturday, Feb 20, 2021 09:14

A customer buy things on an e-commerce platform. — Photo

The General Department for Market Surveillance has shown determination in the war against counterfeit goods and trade fraud products in e-commerce channels.

Last year saw e-commerce flourish and it is forecast that this will continue in the coming years. Therefore, the fight will be increasingly fierce this year, especially as "the border gate is at the door of each citizen", according to one official.

Tran Huu Linh, director-general of the General Department for Market Surveillance, said that in the past, large warehouses were often located in big cities such as Ha Noi and HCM City, but now, the largest warehouse is located in the northern mountainous province, just a few kilometres from the border.

Along with that, modern logistics, delivery and payment services help bring the "border gate" to the front of houses, he added.

By just packing the goods and delivering them to shipping companies, the goods could be taken anywhere domestically without any difficulty, said Linh.

This created more challenges for authorities as transactions through e-commerce become more and more popular with all people, he noted.

“We have determined that there must be a more professional and methodical plan in this fight. In the immediate future, it is necessary to propose units in the Ministry of Industry and Trade to soon submit to the Government a decree replacing Decree 52/2013 on e-commerce," Linh told online newspaper

One reason the decree is needed is the speed of e-commerce development, meaning it's time to consider and treat goods in the e-commerce environment as in the traditional environment, he noted.

Linh said that the decree was issued to promote the development of e-commerce, so it has not strictly regulated goods traded via e-commerce.

Besides, the decree has not specified the responsibilities of e-commerce trading floor managers. This loophole has caused the floors not to strictly control the origin of the goods displayed for sale.

Therefore, it was necessary to hold e-commerce floor owners responsible so that when having trade fraud problems, they are also subject to inspection and post-inspection sanctions. Important services including payment and transportation would also be included in the new decree, he said.

In addition, the General Department for Market Surveillance will focus on e-commerce for two to three years because as it was forecasted that the ratio of trade fraud in e-commerce would be about 50-60 per cent in that period compared to overall types of fraud in general, said Linh.

That is why the General Department for Market Surveillance has built a relatively comprehensive plan to mobilise strength for this tough war.

It is proposed to set up an official division of the market surveillance force specialised in preventing fraud in e-commerce, at the same time, improving the post-inspection capacity of the market surveillance force and regularly reviewing and inspecting e-commerce trading floor owners and social networking platforms. — VNS

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