Digital transformation helps HCM City Power Corporation improve service

Friday, Aug 13, 2021 08:54

Customers can transact online through the HCM City Power Corporation website or its mobile app. — Photo Courtesy of EVNHCMC

The HCM City Power Corporation has been rapidly expanding the use of digital technologies to optimise customer service.

Starting in 2020 all customer transactions from end to end have gone online, and documents, records, power purchase agreements, and electricity bills are processed digitally.

To make a request for services, customers have many options: call centre at 1900545454, website at, email to, mobile apps EVNHCMC CSKH, Zalo contact EVNHCMC, and the National Public Service Portal.

EVNHCMC received 953,131 customer requests through them in the first six months of this year.

It has also diversified its payment methods and phasing out the practice of sending staff to collect bills at home in 2017.

Payment is now done through 23 banks and 11 collection partners with around 10,000 points of collection in the city such as banks; 24/7 convenience stores like B’s mart, Circle K and Family mart; consumer electronics stores such as The Gioi Di Dong (Mobile World), Dien May Cho Lon, Vien thong A, and FPT; and Coopmart outlets, besides non-cash payment channels.

Non-cash payments now exceed 99 per cent of transactions.

EVNHCMC has also automated electricity metering.

In the first half of this year it installed 2.3 million remote meters, and the remaining 300,000 customers will also get them this year.

They help customers monitor their electricity consumption easily on the website or the EVNHCMC CSKH mobile app.

Smart features have been integrated so that consumption data from previous months and years are collated and unusual increases or decreases are automatically reported to customers through email, ZMS, SMS, EVNHCMC CSKH or other means.

To gain a view of customer satisfaction and the solutions and initiatives it implements, the corporation conducts annual customer surveys using a third party.

It also uses the website and mobile app EVNHCMC CSKH to collect customer feedback on its services, power sector policies and others. — VNS

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