Central economic body calls for policy feedback from businesses

Thursday, Sep 05, 2019 03:17

The initiative's official website at doanhnhangopy.vn was officially launched on Tuesday. — Photo courtesy of the Party's Central Economics Committee

The business community in Viet Nam is encouraged to put forward ideas and solutions to the country’s policy-making process, said the Communist Party of Viet Nam's Central Economics Committee (CEC).

The State and Party welcome businesses’ inputs and hold in high regard their contribution to national socio-economic development, said Nguyen Van Binh, Politburo member and head of the CEC at a conference held on Tuesday.

The conference marked the first time the CEC called for the business community to give their feedback and recommendations on the country’s existing and pending policies. The CEC will start collecting feedback and suggestions immediately from now until the end of the year.

Tran Thanh Man, Chairman of the Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front said the CEC’s new initiative is in line with the will of the Party’s central committee.

As the business community is directly affected by current and future policies, it’s imperative that they will have a voice in the process of building and improving such policies, said Man.

The ultimate goal is to create policies that are most suitable to Viet Nam’s business environment, which helps improve business transparency and deliver robust economic growth, he added.

Sound policies and an improved business environment are to play a crucial role in the country’s economic development in the future, said Vu Tien Loc, Chairman and President of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

He said ideas and solutions from businesses, regardless of their size and sector, are equally welcomed and will be transferred to relevant agencies for review.

Dr. Tran Dinh Thien, member of the Council of Economic Advisers to the Prime Minister and former head of the Vietnam Institute of Economics said this is an opportunity to invite overseas Vietnamese businessmen, who possess a greater understanding of the global integration process and high-tech fields, to participate.

At the conference, the CEC introduced the initiative's official website at doanhnhangopy.vn. — VNS

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