UXLINK Surpasses 10 Million Users: A Historic Milestone in Blockchain and SocialFi

Wednesday, Jun 12, 2024 11:45

In-Depth with Bob Ng, CTO of UXLINK: Unveiling the Data Innovations Powering UXLINK’s Success

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach Newswire - 12 June 2024 - UXLINK has surpassed 10 million registered users, solidifying its leadership in blockchain and SocialFi. This milestone, announced on their website and Twitter, makes UXLINK the first in these sectors to reach such a user base. Chief Technology Officer, Bob Ng shared insights into the platform's user metrics and measurement criteria.

UXLINK Surpasses 10 Million Users: A Historic Milestone in Blockchain and SocialFi

Emphasizing Genuine User Engagement Over Unique Wallet Addresses to Foster True Social Interaction

Unlike most blockchain projects that measure success by unique wallet addresses, UXLINK prioritizes "registered users" to foster true social interaction. This approach addresses two key issues: the prevalence of invalid or sybil wallet addresses and the need for genuine user connections. UXLINK's registration involves three stages: invitation-based registration, human interaction verification, and product usage.

This method results in a registered user count that is less than the number of unique wallet addresses. UXLINK currently has over 10 million registered users linked to 15 million wallet addresses. Each user may have multiple wallets, and UXLINK provides MPC wallets for Web2 users transitioning to Web3.

UXLINK rejects sybil accounts and invalid wallet addresses to maintain data integrity, while respecting user privacy. Users may have wallets without social media accounts, and UXLINK ensures they receive exemplary service. Facilitating mass adoption through social interaction remains UXLINK's mission.

Understanding UXUY Holders and Their Future Dynamics in UXLINK's Ecosystem

UXLINK introduces UXUY holders, highlighting a unique Proof of Work (POW) score mechanism to boost community growth and interaction. UXUY, a non-transferable on-chain POW score, is generated through transparent community-driven mining, with no reserves or pre-minting.

To be a UXUY Holder, users must:

    1. Have wallets registered with UXLINK.
    2. Contribute to community-defined POW activities.
    3. Claim their UXUY on-chain.
Currently, UXLINK has 5 million UXUY holders, all community contributors, and potential governance token holders. This number is expected to grow, potentially reaching over 30 million, at which point UXUY mining will cease, fostering a positive network effect. However, the number may decrease if holders exchange UXUY for other assets like NFTs or governance tokens.

This initiative underscores UXLINK's commitment to creating a dynamic, engaged community through transparent, incentivized interactions, revolutionizing the blockchain and SocialFi landscapes.

Understanding UXLINK Holders and Their Criteria

UXLINK has defined criteria for token holders, focusing on community contribution, on-chain interaction, and assets held in wallets.

Pre-Token Generation Event (TGE): Before the TGE, UXUY holders exchanged UXUY for NFTs, which acted as airdrop vouchers. Holders received $UXLINK based on NFT levels and quantities. Additionally, a "Sybil Burning" process ensured authenticity, making NFT holders equivalent to token holders.

Post-TGE: After the TGE, holders include all legitimate participants, including those purchasing tokens and contributing to the community.

Current Holder Statistics: UXLINK has approximately 1,600,000 eligible holders, with numbers expected to fluctuate due to liquidity releases and community contributions.

Implementing Anti-Sybil Measures to Ensure a Genuine and High-Quality Community

UXLINK uses a three-step strategy to maintain a genuine community:

    1. Identifying and excluding false wallet addresses.
    2. Reclaiming rewards from inactive accounts and redistributing them.
    3. Conducting pre-TGE anti-sybil measures to reinvest reclaimed rewards.
These measures underscore UXLINK's commitment to a transparent and robust system for identifying and rewarding genuine participants.

UXLINK vs. NOTCOIN: A Comparative Perspective

UXLINK, a social platform, and NOTCOIN, a game, both aim for mass adoption but differ in user engagement and on-chain metrics. Although NOTCOIN has a larger user base, UXLINK excels in on-chain activity and user retention.

Key Differences:

    1. Depth of Interaction: UXLINK's activities foster deeper engagement compared to NOTCOIN's simpler Tap-to-Earn model.
    2. User Stickiness: UXLINK's retention is bolstered by real-world social connections and group activities.
    3. Quality of User Base: UXLINK's rigorous anti-whale measures ensure a higher-quality user base.
UXLINK surpasses NOTCOIN in daily and monthly active users and user-to-holder ratios. Both platforms exemplify effective transitions from web2 to web3, with UXLINK open to future collaborations.

A Vision for the Future: UXLINK CTO Bob Ng's Commitment

Bob articulates a compelling vision for the platform's future, "Returning to our essence, our goal is to establish trust through familiar social connections while serving as the social platform for users and the infrastructure for service developers. In the future, we will collaborate with ecosystem partners to create a socialized layer for asset generation, flow, and distribution. This will enable users to trust, safely, and easily utilize various applications without the need for complex cross-chain interactions, allowing them to benefit from their own social assets. Moreover, we aim to empower developers to fully leverage our protocols, social relationships, and data to significantly enhance development efficiency and growth quality through modularized products and interfaces."

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