VSMCamp, CSMOSummit 2023 to open in HCM City

Wednesday, Sep 13, 2023 17:00

Lê Quốc Vinh, chairman of Le Bros, vice chairman of CSMO cum head of the organising committee of VSMCamp and CSMOSummit 2023 at a press conference announcing the VSMCamp and CSMOSummit 2023. — Photo Courtesy VSMCamp and CSMOSummit 2023 organiser

Vietnam Sales and Marketing Camp (VSMCamp) and the Vietnam Chief of Sales and Marketing Officer Club (CSMOSummit) will be back for the seventh year in HCM City in November.

VSMCamp and CSMOSummit 2023 will be organised with the goal of helping those working in the fields of sales, marketing, and communications as well as business owners who anticipate AI trends and will apply them in revenue growth strategies.

To be held on November 24 and 25 at Văn Lang University of HCM City, the event will discuss new smart solutions and strategies such as artificial intelligence (AI) applications, powerful language models, and emotional leverage strategies for revenue growth.

Participants will have access to knowledge, real-life lessons, and practical methods during the two-day conference.

The event brings together more than 50 leading speakers, scholars, and experts in the fields of marketing, communications, business, technology, and system operations domestically and internationally, who will give diverse perspectives about how the world has been applying smart solutions in business strategies.

"After a period of interruption due to Covid-19, Vietnam Sales and Marketing Camp has returned to HCM City with a trending and groundbreaking topic, which is the application of artificial intelligence and smart solutions in business.

The event is not only attractive to professionals but also owners and business leaders. VSMCamp and CSMOSummit are places to gather knowledge and experience," said Lê Quốc Vinh, chairman of Le Bros, vice chairman of CSMO cum head of the organising committee of VSMCamp and CSMOSummit 2023.

During VSMCamp and CSMOSummit 2023, a series of events will be organised around 12 major topics, including: How AI has changed marketing and sales; When humans and AI work together toward a new era of creativity; Chat GPT and AI applications in content development; Utilize KOC: Sell smartly; Culture of care: Turn every employee into an excellent salesperson; Elevate your business with outstanding customer experience and service; Attracting customers to do marketing communications; Agility: Adaptive speed s​Strategy; Managing customer expectations; B2B marketing in the AI ​​era; Accelerate connections with customers; and Resilient and Regenerative Growth.

VSMCamp and CSMOSummit 2023 is an annual programme organised by the Vietnam Sales and Marketing Directors Club and Lê Bros Company.

Starting from 2016, VSMCamp and CSMOSummit are the largest 2-in-1 specialised events of the year in Việt Nam.

Each year, the event attracts more than 1,500 attendees, from businesses and agencies to academic, training and strategic consulting sectors. — VNS

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