Zoho Corp unveils solution for build-yourself software

Wednesday, Apr 13, 2022 07:34

A screenshot of Zoho Creator Platfrom, a latest version launched by Zoho Corporation. — Photo courtesy of Zoho Corporation

Technology company Zoho Corporation has launched the latest version of its low-code offering, Zoho Creator Platform, an all-in-one solution that provides a solution-building experience regardless of technical know-how.

Meant to address the needs of both business users and IT teams, it supports all levels in building, managing, integrating, and analysing for a complete low-code experience, enabling faster deployment.

Business developers can easily build scalable low-code solutions with apps, integrations, analytics, and process automation without the costly and time-consuming training demanded by complex platforms.

The platform offers IT stakeholders greater control over governance and management without compromising on automation, data-driven insights, customisation, and the ability to affect revenues and growth.

With organisations currently facing soaring demand for new business software, ideally solutions should be easy and quick to deploy and yet have the ability to develop end-to-end tools so that they can be scaled up and offer centralised governance.

According to Gartner, a technology research and consulting firm, 80 per cent of technology products and services will be built by non-technology professionals by 2024.

In Viet Nam, the low-code approach has gradually gained ground among renowned software development vendors, but most businesses find that existing low-code platforms make it difficult for the average business user to learn and use effectively.

“Few if any low-code solutions on the market allow for business users or IT to engineer tools while simultaneously enabling IT teams to manage ongoing challenges of security, compliance, integration, and governance,” Gibu Mathew, vice president and general manager of Zoho APAC, said. “Where we see a gap, especially for the mid-market and enterprise, is between building and deployment.”

With more than 50 apps in nearly every major business area and an array of productivity and collaboration tools, Zoho is one of the world's most prolific technology companies. — VNS

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