Wolfoo meets modern educational method standards

Tuesday, Nov 01, 2022 21:39

At a studio producing Wolfoo episodes. — Photo courtesy of the firm

The Institute for Research and Development of Education has awarded certification to Wolfoo products as content that meets modern education standards for children 3-8 years old.

At the appraisal session, Assoc. Dr Nguyen Quang Ninh, Director of the Institute of Application Research and Development of Education, said: "As a person who participated in numerous international activities and has been to the US and Canada to test projects, I'm so proud and agree with the current activities of Connect. I'm glad Viet Nam has an animated product that is well-received by international audiences. Your products show a sense of responsibility to the society as clear as crystal, to the next generations."

The conclusion has confirmed that Wolfoo product sets receive the love and trust of many parents and children and are highly appreciated by education experts for the quality of the content expressed through many factors, including education, education, entertainment and aesthetics.

With a young, enthusiastic, creative production team, the Wolfoo product team brings children animated entertainment with meaningful stories, deeply, to improve the boundary of knowledge and recognition of children.

Wolf is an animation brand leading in combining entertainment and education. The diverse ecosystem is produced and owned by a Vietnamese production team – Connect Vietnam Enterprise.

The company has produced over 2,700 episodes, uploaded more than 90 videos a month, reached 3.6 billion hours of views and has 50 million subscribers. These episodes were subtitled into more than 17 languages: English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic. They became popular with audiences around the world. — VNS

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