Vinamilk’s US-based Driftwood donates 23,000 litres of milk

Friday, May 08, 2020 16:59

A boy is enjoying Vinamilk fresh milk in Los Angeles. — Photo courtesy of the company

Driftwood Dairy Holding Corporation, an affiliate of domestic diary producer Vinamilk in the US, has recently donated nearly 23,000 litres of fresh milk, worth US$21,000, to people living in Los Angeles and California who are facing difficulties due to the prolonged impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The shipment was sent via LA Regional Food Bank.

Driftwood has for many years co-operated with the LA Food Bank to offer food for about 300,000 Americans every month. The free meals are prioritised for children and the elderly, while the rest are sent to the homeless.

Los Angeles is famous for being an expensive city, so most of the beneficiaries of food assistance are low-income families and individuals.

General Director of Driftwood Ngo Viet Son said Driftwood's donation is only a small part of the community's efforts. “Thanks to the help of all of us, there will be more people to receive support because the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing.”

Driftwood's donation is part of the community support campaign launched by parent company Vinamilk in Viet Nam during the COVID-19 outbreak. Since the coronavirus appeared in Viet Nam, Vinamilk has contributed nearly VND30 billion ($1.3 million) to the community activities, especially for children to help them prevent the disease.

Driftwood's workers prepare to ship milk to people in need in Los Angeles. — Photo Regional Food Bank

The company has also funded medical equipment for testing and about 1.7 million litres of fresh milk and yogurt for more than 19,000 children with difficulties nationwide, which is under the Vietnam Never Stops Growing Milk Fund.

Founded in 1920, Driftwood has a 100-year history of establishment and development in California, US. In 2013, Vinamilk acquired Driftwood Dairy Holding Corporation and now holds 100 per cent ownership. In September 2019, Vinamilk invested an additional $10 million to expand production scale and improve productivity.

Driftwood's revenue in 2019 reached $114 million. It is currently providing many product lines such as fresh milk, yogurt and juice, supplying milk for nearly 100 schools in the past 50 years in Southern California. — VNS

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