Vietjet announces 11 additional direct routes to Indian cities

Monday, Jul 18, 2022 08:48

A flight attendant hands souvenirs to Indian passengers on a Vietjet flight. — Photo courtesy of Vietjet

Vietjet has announced 11 new routes connecting four major Vietnamese cities with Indian western and southern central hubs of Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Bangalore (Bengaluru) after linking Ha Noi and HCM City with New Delhi and Mumbai.

The new routes make Vietjet the largest carrier operating between the two countries in terms of capacity, with a total of 17 services.

The nine new routes linking Ha Noi/HCM City/Da Nang with Ahmedabad/Hyderabad/Bangalore will operate from September onwards with four weekly flights each. Just in time for the year-end holidays, the two other new routes including Da Nang-Mumbai/New Delhi will become operational, according to Vietjet.

Vietjet Vice President Nguyen Thanh Son said: “Vietjet was the first airline launching direct flights between Viet Nam and India in 2019 and has constantly expanded its operation to the world’s second most populated country. As the world reopens to travel and feedback on our current India-Viet Nam routes are positive, we now prioritise expanding and increasing flight operations to India.”

“With the expansion of Vietjet's flight network to all major cities in India, Vietjet is enabling better connectivity to serve the rise in demand for both leisure and business travel, contributing to the economic and trade development between the two countries and in the region,” he added.

To celebrate the new routes, Vietjet also launches a special promotion offering 16,688 super low-fare tickets starting from zero dollars (excluding taxes and fees) from July 19 to 21. The applicable travel period is from August 15, 2022, to March 26, 2023 (excluding public holidays), applied to all routes between the two countries.

Vietjet currently operates four services linking Ha Noi/HCM City with New Delhi/Mumbai with 3-4 flights per week each. The Phu Quoc-Mumbai/New Delhi services will commence operation from September 8 and 9 respectively with 3-4 flights per week.— VNS


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