Unique patterns, exceptional craftsmanship to celebrate the art of mooncake making

Monday, Aug 12, 2019 08:00

Inspired by unique and historical patterns that date back to the Le and Nguyen Dynasties when Vietnamese traditional art and royal culture reached their zenith, Mondelez Kinh Do introduces the “Tuyet tac My - Vi - Tinh” (The Master in the Art of Mooncake Making) concept covering all of its mooncake offerings for this Mid-Autumn Festival.

From the traditional baked and snow-skin mooncakes to the premium Trang Vang (Gold Moon) line, everything boasts perfection in terms of packaging, flavour and the passion and craftsmanship that ensure each stunning mooncake satisfies the three critical factors: crafting, recipe, love.

The premium, exquisite design of Trăng Vàng mooncakes with packaging inspired by the antique patterns of the Nguyen and Le Dynasties

Pre-eminent is the “Trang Vang Kim Cuong” (Gold Moon Diamond) mooncakes in elaborate lacquer boxes that highlight the Le Dynastys gorgeous dragon and cloud patterns.

Since the dragon is the symbol of the yang element and power, Trang Vang Kim Cuong is a perfect present when offering wishes for perfection, longevity, vigour, and health to valued partners.

Trăng Vàng Kim Cương Trường Khang” Kinh Do mooncakes

Trang Vang Bach Kim (Gold Moon Platinum) features the elegant, graceful image of the “racket-tailed treepie” that originated during the Nguyen Dynasty era as an omen of good fortune.

When giving a box of Trang Vang mooncakes, you offer not only a delicacy but also love and best wishes for happiness, joy and good luck.

With Kinh Do's Trang Vang mooncakes, consumers can choose the most meaningful message embodied in each beautifully crafted pattern for their special ones.

With more than 20 years of experience in making mooncakes, Kinh Do has become a familiar and trusted brand among consumers who buy the cakes either for enjoying themselves or gifting.

Kinh Do mooncakes are made with the finest ingredients that carefully selected and processed to create a perfect blend of colours, textures and flavours.

Consumers are offered a wide range of options, from traditional baked mooncakes with fillings of mixed nuts, Chinese sausage or roasted chicken, taro, green beans to modern ones with fillings of coconut and lotus seed or green tea and innovative versions like custard snow-skin, cappuccino snow-skin mooncakes and the mochi mooncakes of the Trang Vang Pha Le (Gold Moon Crystal) line.

A special line of diet/vegetarian mooncakes has also been developed using 100 per cent natural plant ingredients and replacing 70 per cent of sugar substitute (Isomalt and Maltitol).

Mooncakes of the Trang Vang Hong Ngoc Tam An (Gold Moon Ruby for Peace of Mind) line are made with 100 per cent sugar substitute (Isomalt and Maltitol) making it an ideal choice for mooncake lovers with health needs.

“Trang Vang Hong Ngac Tam An” Kinh Do mooncakes made from 100 per cent sugar substitute (Isomalt and Maltitol)

Furthermore, every “Trang Vang” product showcases unique packaging with impressive designs, colours and patterns to offer best wishes for health, wealth, success, happiness, and peace as mooncakes are known not only as a delicacy but also a special gift of love and thankfulness.

Boasting more than two decades of experience, Kinh Do is among the leading brands that keep innovating and renovating their high-end products and services.

From the traditional baked and snow-skin mooncakes to the brand-new “Trang Vang” product line and the Oreo mooncakes of “fusion” style first launched in 2017, all are made using advanced mooncake making techniques while offering incredible twists that totally indulge consumers changing tastes and demands.

Oreo mooncakes come in eye-catching packaging

Every improvement made by Kinh Do is proof of the brands deep understanding of its customers and its dedication to excellence and innovation.

Like a full golden moon for the reunion season, “The Master in the Art of Mooncake Making” by Mondelez Kinh Do is a sophisticated concept made with passion and in-depth expertise that will definitely be a perfect present for your most special ones.

Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam is the only authorized user of Kinh Do, Thu and Trang Vang trademarks in Vietnam.

For more information, see: http://bit.ly/2LGbrx8

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