TrinaTracker presents solar power solutions

Wednesday, Jan 12, 2022 17:38

Solar panels at a solar power plant in Hau Giang Province. The application of a solar tracker is expected to help improve the power generation efficiency of the solar panel system. — VNA/VNS Photo Duy Khuong

TrinaTracker, a tracker manufacturer and business unit of Trina Solar Co., is introducing innovative solutions to increase the solar tracker system lifecycle reliability and reduce operating and maintenance (O&M) costs, it said at a webinar on Tuesday.

Solar trackers direct panels or modules toward the sun, changing their orientation through the day to follow the sun's path. Improved trackers make for more efficient use of the sun's energy.

During the event, TrinaTracker discussed how the company's design for assembly and maintenance approach resulted in more efficient and less resource-intensive operations and maintenance requirements, reducing operating expenses (OPEX) and risk of energy loss due to plant downtime during the repairing and replacing tasks.

It also highlighted smart O&M innovative solutions, including compatible mainstream cleaning robots and proprietary TrinaTracker SCADA system.

Alvaro Gallegos, head of project management at TrinaTracker, said: "TrinaTracker has always focused on increasing trackers’ reliability and facilitating O&M activities to clients, aiming to reduce the failure rate and achieve optimum energy production.

Steve Caldwell, senior project manager at Enzen, said: "Risk and opportunity in a transitional world are approaching a paradigm shift in energy production. The renewable market is a competitive jungle. I have found that focusing on some basic principles inevitably leads to market leadership. Firstly, understand industry best practices. Secondly, match performance against that standard, and thirdly, identify areas of opportunity to optimise the offering. OPEX is one such area."

By the end of 2020, the total installed capacity of solar power nationwide reached 19,400MWp, equivalent to 16,500MW, accounting for 25 per cent of the total installed capacity of the national power system.

According to Viet Nam Electricity, although solar power has had a strong development in Viet Nam, the operation of the power system still faces many difficulties.

Thus, the application of a solar tracker is expected to help improve the power generation efficiency of the solar panel system, TrinaTracker said. — VNS

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