Tips to hire the right IT staff

Monday, Mar 23, 2015 09:01

The best way to judge competency of a potential hire is to examine their portfolio. — Photo Navigos

Information technology is the backbone of every business for it keeps all business information secure and helps employees work more efficiently. So, the hiring process of IT professionals should not be underestimated. Navigos Search has put together a support guide that will help businesses find the right persons.

Determine your needs

Are you going to hire an IT staff to build a new website or just a mobile version of an existing one? Do you need a developer or a helpdesk, a project manager or a maintenance engineer? Determine these needs and clearly state them in your job ads to target the right talent in the first place.

Look for achievements

The best way to judge competency of a potential hire is to examine their portfolio, look for projects they have accomplished for previous employers, and outside projects when possible. Then make it a point to ask your candidate to explain how the project was started, the process involved and the result.

Consider outgoing personalities

Besides education, experience and qualifications, the ideal IT specialist must have interpersonal communication skills. The right IT employee should be able to communicate clearly and be willing to answer every tech-related query from people in other departments.

How to hire with no tech knowledge?

If you have no specific knowledge about the IT field and, as a result, have no idea what to ask your candidate, approach friends or colleagues with tech skills for recommendations. If you do not have friends who can help, turn to a professional consultant for advice.

Source: Navigos Search

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