The first victory in a journey to conquer the gourmet wine market

Friday, Jan 08, 2016 09:00

Many Vietnamese prefer imported goods, they think that local products cannot impress; that if customers want to buy premium products, they will choose imported ones that can be trusted and have better quality.

However, the early success of Vietnam's premium wine, Chateau Dalat, has proven that local customers are ready to welcome Vietnamese brand names they can trust and support.

Surpassing expectations

Chateau Dalat surprised the public when it was launched because few people believed that a local winemaker had the capability to make real premium wine.

After the surprise, and even doubts about the wine, Chateau Dalat received a lot of encouragement and compliments. Wine lovers and gourmets have greatly appreciated Chateau Dalat's quality and taste. After taking part in blind testings, they said the wine was as good as any imported wine in the same segment.

After launching the wine in a severely competitive market full of excellent products from all over the world three months ago, Chateau Dalat has received quality authentication from international wine experts and co-operation from businesses, distributors and international dealers.

Ladora Winery, a professional winemaker and owner of the Chateau Dalat brand name, has created all necessary factors to become an authentic wine producer.

Chateau Dalat is manufactured under international standards for wine-making. Raw materials, grape seedlings, wine yeast and production lines were imported from leading professional European providers and is directly managed by Italian wine experts.

The company has deeply understood the meaning that "good wine is made from flavorful grapes". Ladora Winery's leaders have worked with European experts to choose good soil in central province of Ninh Thuan, which is suitable for growing wine grapes. Hundreds of soil samples were sent abroad for testing and thousands of grape seedlings from different Italian and French areas were planted during the pilot program.

Finally, thanks to a more advanced grape plantation process, high-quality grapes have been harvested at a high capacity, with fewer insect infestations. An inter-nationally standard wine was successfully made.

This is just the beginning of a bigger dream of expanding the brand worldwide. Chateau Dalat wishes to mark a Vietnamese brand name on the "New World Wine" map in the near future.

In 2016 vineyards growing grapes for wine will reach 100 hectares.

This solid foundation will allow Ladora Winery to take Chateau Dalat to a higher level, and to make better products and expand in the international market.

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