SCB appoints foreign acting CEO

Monday, Oct 12, 2020 09:00

Sai Gon J.S. Commercial Bank (SCB) has announced the decision on appointing Mr. Chen Yi-Chung (Jeremy Chen) the Acting CEO. This appointment is amid the drastic implementation of the “Transformation and sustainable development strategy in phase 2020-2030” at SCB with strategic consultations from McKinsey & Company.

Mr. Jeremy Chen is believed to deliver rightful directions to SCB for successfully carrying out the transformation strategy, aiming to make SCB become one of the top profitable banks in the near future.

Prior to joining SCB, Mr. Jeremy Chen had over 20 years of experience in investment, banking and finance industries in developed countries. He served as senior leaders in major corporations and banks such as: Citibank (Asia – Pacific); Standard Chartered Bank; China Billion Resources Ltd. etc.

As of 30/09/2020, SCB total assets reached VND611,694 billion, affirming its status as top 5 largest banks and leading the non-state commercial banks in terms of total assets. In the first 09 months, we have witnessed positive achievements in non-credit activities: securities and forex trading reaching VND462 billion and net income from service activities of VND963 billion.

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