Sanofi launches global programme to support employees affected by cancer, other illnesses

Thursday, Feb 29, 2024 10:55

Sanofi, the French pharmaceutical firm, has launched a programme to financially and psychologically support employees directly or indirectly affected by cancer and other critical illnesses. — Photo Courtesy of Sanofi

French pharmaceutical company Sanofi has launched a pioneering programme for employees directly or indirectly affected by cancer and other critical illnesses.

Those diagnosed with these disease categories will maintain their jobs, salary, and benefits for up to 12 months, and can make flexible work arrangements based on their needs and job.

Through Sanofi’s global Employee Assistance Programme, they can connect with oncology colleagues and resources and receive emotional support through the psychological support programme.

Treatment costs might be supported through allowances, insurance or other benefits that are currently being considered by the company.

Cancer, the second leading cause of death globally, was estimated to have claimed 9.6 million lives in 2018.

Viet Nam has 165,000 new cancer cases and 115,000 cancer deaths each year.

The age-standardised cancer death rate for the country is 104 (per 100,000 people), ranking it 57th globally.

Last year Sanofi signed a global pledge #workingwithcancer, which calls on companies to eliminate stigma around cancer at the workplace.

From there a programme with a 360° approach to cancer named "Cancer & Work: Acting Together" was established.

Emin Turan, foundation general manager and Country Lead Sanofi Vietnam, said cancer is affecting many people. It's really not true that most people feel shy or even afraid to inform their workplace about their health conditions.

Sanofi has gone so far in its efforts to build a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) workplace by providing financial, welfare, and emotional support to employees affected by this disease, helping them feel secure and cared for in this situation.

Managers at the company will also receive training to better understand the challenges employees may face and how to provide the best support for them, he said.

Some other programmes benefiting employee launched in recent times have been well received, such as 14-week parental leave for both male and female employees having a new baby or adopting one; personal care leave and appreciation leave for all employees; and flu vaccination programmes for all employees, their parents, children, and partners. — VNS

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