Samsung VN launches first ‘mommy room’ in country

Tuesday, Jan 30, 2018 18:05

A "mommy room" at Samsung Electronics Viet Nam. — Photo courtesy of Samsung

Samsung Viet Nam (SEV) on Monday opened the first utility area called “mommy room” for pregnant and lactating employees.

The “mommy room” has been opened in its mobile phone manufacturing plants SEV in Bac Ninh and SEVT in Thai Nguyen.

This is the first time such a fully functional model has been operationalised in a plant in Việt Nam in an area of 100-200sq.m to accommodate the needs of employees who are lactating mothers. It has an area for milk pumping and storage, a relaxing space for pregnant and lactating employees with children less than a year old.

A total of 22 “mommy rooms” will be built in SEV and SEVT to accommodate 4,000 pregnant employees and 5,000 lactating mothers every year.

Samsung has more than 100,000 employees at SEV and SEVT, 75 per cent of which are female. The company has previously built dedicated milking parlours within its plants for female employees. The implementation of the “mommy room” is the latest initiative in a series of welfare programmes to provide the best working environment for female employees in the company.

At the opening ceremony, Shim Won Hwan, SEV’s president, said: “At Samsung, people are the most valuable asset and always our top priority. In addition to the effort to provide employees with high salaries, we always strive to build good welfare policies so that our employees always feel happy and pleased to work with the company for a long time. The “mommy room” is put into operation with the hope of providing great encouragement to help female employees overcome fatigue and difficulties during pregnancy and lactation.” — VNS

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