Samsung Vina launches product experience showroom in HCM City

Friday, Mar 15, 2019 19:03

Suh Kyung Wook, president of Samsung Vina Electronics, introduces the Samsung Showcase at the Bitexco building in HCM City where customers can experience the company’s latest products and technologies. It is the third showroom of its kind in the world. — VNS Photo Xuan Dang

Samsung Vina officially introduced its Samsung Showcase today at the Bitexco building in HCM City, the third showroom of its kind in the world and the first in Asia designed as a One Samsung Experience model (OSE).

The first two Samsung showrooms of this kind are located in New York City and Frankfurt, Germany

Suh Kyung Wook, president of Samsung Vina Electronics, said the Samsung Showcase was expected to become a technology destination in the city.

The showcase in HCM City covers two floors on a total area of over 1,000 sq m and is divided into 18 areas.

The two floors contain all new high-end products from Samsung such as smartphones, TVs, accessories, household electronics equipment and kitchen equipment, among others.

At the showcase, customers can experience the connections that can be made between Samsung devices, such as a smartphone and a refrigerator, which allow for smart food purchases.

In the smartphone device experience area, Samsung Vina also gives customers a chance to sample the best technologies of the company’s products.

Customers can explore the unique features of Samsung smart devices, including the company’s latest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The showroom also has a customer service area that offers equipment maintenance and repair for customers.

Hoang Dinh Tan, director of Samsung Showcase, said that monthly activities related to travel, fashion, music, cuisine, sports, technology, art and photography would be organized at the showcase.

The showcase is the only place where customers can experience many products from South Korean manufacturers.

Tan said Viet Nam was chosen as the site for the showroom because the country is an important market for the company. Samsung has three factories in Viet Nam, which is also a successful market for the company’s smartphone products. — VNS

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