Sacombank again wins multiple JCB card awards

Friday, Aug 04, 2023 07:37

Sacombank has won five awards from Japanese international card organisation JCB for 2022. — Photo courtesy of the bank

Sacombank won five awards at the recent JCB Annual Meeting held by the Japanese card issuer in Đà Nẵng.

It won awards for Leading Licensee in Spending Volume, Leading Licensee in Card Activation Balance, Leading Licensee in Merchant Sales Volume, Leading Licensee in Card Acquisition, and Leading Licensee in Spending Volume per Card in 2022.

It is for the seventh year in a row that the bank is winning JCB’s major awards.

Currently, it is issuing three JCB cards to individual customers, Sacombank JCB Platinum payment card, Sacombank JCB Ultimate credit card and Sacombank JCB credit card.

They offer numerous incentives and privileges for cardholders such as free use of airport VIP lounges, discounts at golf, restaurants and hotels, global travel insurance, and others depending on the card type. — VNS

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