RS Components provides extensive range of RS PRO products in Viet Nam

Wednesday, Dec 23, 2020 16:45

RS PRO RS14 digital multimeter. RS own brand range includes digital multimeters, voltage/current calibrators, insulation testers, temperature calibrators, and voltage indicators. — Photo RS Components

RS Components, a global electronics and maintenance products supplier, is now shipping to Viet Nam an extensive range of RS PRO handheld test and measurement instruments for engineers and technicians on the go.

The range includes devices that allow accurate and ergonomic measurements and calibration, including handheld multimeters, clamp meters and voltage indicators and all the necessary accessories.

The RS PRO handheld T&M instrument range also includes the RS PRO insulation tester to help technicians ensure the wiring insulation is safe and remains undamaged after electrical work has been completed. The RS PRO RS14 digital multimeter is a useful instrument for measuring capacitance, voltage, electrical current, and resistance and features a diode and continuity check. Designed especially for HVAC engineers, the RS PRO HVAC multimeter features true RMS measurements and connects via Bluetooth to the RS PRO Connect App.

All RS PRO products and equipment have been through high-calibre compliance and quality testing to assure quality, durability and consistency and come with the RS PRO Seal of Approval.

The RS PRO handheld T&M equipment range is shipping now to Viet Nam. — VNS

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