Report on challenges in recruiting and retaining managers for foreign firms in Viet Nam

Friday, Nov 06, 2015 10:00

Navigos Search, a leading company in recruitment services in Viet Nam, published a regional report on "Challenges in recruiting and retaining mid-level and senior employees for foreign firms in Viet Nam".

This report is part of a series of comparative surveys in Japan, Singapore and Thailand which were conducted by en world (of which Navigos Search is a company member), a group of recruiting consultancies specialising in professional and managerial roles.

Shortage of mid-level candidates in terms of both quantity and quality

Of the respondents to a survey conducted in Viet Nam, 41 per cent said that they have not been able to attract enough mid-level and senior employees to their firms in the last 12 months. This is a "hard-to-solve problem", not only in Viet Nam, but also in Thailand and Singapore with 52 per cent and 53 per cent respondents, respectively, stating that it is difficult for them to recruit enough talent.

English proficiency remains a major challenge for managers in Viet Nam

Thirty-one per cent of respondents in Viet Nam consider English proficiency in the top three of most important factors in recruiting management employees. It is clear that low English proficiency will be a significant barrier for managers in Viet Nam when the ASEAN Economic Community takes effect by the end of 2015, which will permit a free flow of labour in eight industries.

Managers in Viet Nam have insufficient leadership skills

One of the most important factors in recruiting mid-level and senior managers for foreign companies in Viet Nam is the need for leadership skills. However, respondents were the least satisfied with leadership skills of the managers in their firms.

Nguyen Thi Van Anh, Managing Director of Navigos Search, said, "We at en world and Navigos Search are making some recommendations to the above said challenges that enterprises are facing. It includes programs to establish and promote an "Employer's branding" or have "Employee engagement" initiatives. Human resources solutions should be both short- or medium- and long-term sustainable".

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