Prudential, JAV continue with financial education programme for kids

Saturday, Oct 23, 2021 07:45

Students at a primary school taking part in the financial education programme for children, Cha-Ching. — Photo courtesy of Prudential

Prudential Vietnam Assurance and Junior Achievement Vietnam have joined hands for a third year for the financial education programme for children, Cha-Ching.

In 2021-22 it will be expanded to a further 84 primary schools in Ha Noi and Hung Yen to help improve the financial management skills of more than 22,000 students.

It focuses on the basic money management concepts of earn, save, spend, and donate.

Contests based on the programme’s contents will also be organised, creating opportunities for students to practise skills they acquired through it.

In the last two academic years the programme helped nearly 26,000 students at 103 primary schools improve the skills through training by 700 certified teachers .

Over the past year, despite COVID-19, Cha-Ching activities have been maintained online.

Classes for students and teacher training sessions for Cha-Ching Financial Accreditation (CCFA) have been adapted for virtual platforms.

All materials, videos, games, and at-home challenges have been translated into Vietnamese and frequently updated on the programme’s official website.

An official Facebook fanpage for the programme has also been launched to share credible materials and provide frequent updates on the project.

Phuong Tien Minh, CEO of Prudential Vietnam, said: “Cha-Ching as a major educational programme on financial management … is well-received by students, schools, and communities.

“We will continue to scale up Cha-Ching in the upcoming years and contribute to a knowledgeable, confident and financially independent future generation.”

Doan Bich Ngoc, CEO of Junior Achievement Vietnam, said: “Financial management is an essential skill in life and career development. Early financial education not only helps children understand the value of money, but also establishes the foundation for them to form good habits, and become well-rounded and more responsible in life.” — VNS

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